Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Am I talking about 'SEX'?

"Tharki Saala!" Ayush remarked, with both the adjectives especially chosen by him just for me.

I asked him a reason for such a beautiful word to be used against the dark background of my character when he replied, "Apni novel padh, samajh jaega! Tharki!"

I wanted to reflect upon what he meant but I could not find anything in my novel that can coin me as a sex-o-maniac. There are a few kissing sequences in the novel, but that is very necessary for the attainment of the climax for my story!

Ayush went to his room and I too went - to sleep, of course. Today, after the classes, I was getting bored, with nothing unique to do other than listening to the Corrs. I just went near Ayush's room, unlocked his bolted door and entered the room. In a reflex, he shut the lid of his laptop down. But, unfortunately, the lid did not know how to shut the speakers. The screams of women made its way out of the crevices left between the lid and keypad straight into my ears. He was watching porn!

He started smiling at me. I reciprocated and returned back to my room. I was shocked in a bizarre way, the shock you would've got if you find that you are born with two noses instead of one! Guys, 'he' was watching porn! It was not the first time I encountered hypocrisy, but it was the first time that I found that he is embarrassed for his double standards. Leaving hypocrisy aside, let us come to another thing worth notice in the above highlighted line. I put an exclamation mark after porn.

"Why did I need to put an exclamation mark after porn in the above line?" This is the question that requires some ponder. Why there is so much fuss about sex? Because it creates ripples in the head, ripples of the sounds like 'Eeks', 'Oh my God', 'Sick', 'Yuck' and many more but also at the same time make you form a mental image(consciously or unconsciously) of porn ~ in a way you yourself being in coherence with the doers.

Sex is not a thing to talk about, people say. But, almost all those who condemn sex are the ones who love it, my friend Ayush being no exception. One day almost everyone is going to encounter it, in some way or another(PUN intended). I know people who are so fussy about this thing that if they catch that a guy watching porn or something, they'll stop talking to them forever!

In India, sex is a taboo. Even if someone writes or comments something about sex; he/she is considered in the other category, the category of being offensive. Just because your parents told that sex is bad, you tend to avert from it but if it were not sex on their part, then your mere aversion would cease to exist ... because your seed of existence would be struggling to find a shelter for sprouting!

To start with, let me admit. I have seen porn. Not one, not two...but numerous! You probably would not have, and would even hate it... and would even hate me now after knowing about this one more feather in my cap. But the very fact that you have gone through this whole article about 'SEX' without a break with a curiosity of what's coming ahead, leaves you in the my category. Welcome to the club!

P.S. Bindaas bol is perhaps the best caption which suits much more than what it is meant for. It is actually a philosophy of life.
P.S. Am I talking about sex? It's not about sex, it's about YOU!