Friday, November 28, 2008

My Passion

My Passion

Someone asked me, "What is success in your eyes?"

"Success is finding your passion", I replied.

"What is passion?", he asked.

"It is anything which can make you lose your sleep."

"Have you ever lost it?", he enquired.

I opened my eyes and exclaimed, "I did!"
And I began writing this.

I found my passion, what about YOU?


Ankit said...

Really very impressive.
I think you now have a poet's charm and elegance and do continue with your passion.

aman said...

i dont really think there is any need to say once more cos u have proved urself best in this, time nd again ,,, nd once more a nice nd motivating small poem , nd as of me passion a thing that is with u in whatever u do ,its the main power driving u ,,, didn't loose sleep :P but ya gained extra power to persue it

yshfn said...

success makes u loose ur sleep???... m happy with my sound sleep!!

Buzz said...

Passion makes me lose my sleep, not success! Reread the whole thing to get the meaning...

yshfn said...

"It brings a strange kind of pleasure, more so because this kind of hostility owes its origin to envy."---so true u were!!! lolzz..

i read the whole thing n see dat u say...
"x=y n y=z"; but x not= z!!???

Buzz said...

Hmm, so it trickles down to mathematics!

So, here is my explanation. I didn't say x = y and y = z. If you notice carefully, what I said in this poem was x = f(y) and y = z. So that doesn't necessarily imply that x = z. Does it?

It's funny using mathematics for the first time in my blog.

yshfn said...

plzz.. calculus?!! tryin to prove u r right dnt turn dis simple poem into a complicated WAVE EQUATION!!!
agn it makes x= f(z)...toh??
x was success n z was loosing ur sleep right??

Buzz said...

Haha, this is sheer fun!

x = success, no doubt!

but y = finding your passion

And passion = something that makes you lose your sleep = z

So, in reality,

y not= z, but f(z) = y and y = x, so x = f(z)!

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