Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dedicated to your smile

It took me almost a year to complete my second book. I've started writing it in June, last year. I made all of my readers wait a lot, for which I'm not sorry. But what I'm really sorry about is giving false hopes about the time when it will get published. I had been over optimistic that I would be able to complete it quite fast, but alas, it took a long time.

Unlike my first book, which was completed in three months, owing to my newly found passion for story-telling, this book took more time. I don't want to give excuses but I realize that writing could happen best when the mind is uncluttered. Over the last one year, I'd been really involved in my start-up, and as a result I hardly ever had an uncluttered mind. Now that I'm done with the sequel, I feel immensely relieved and happy. First, the long wait is over. Secondly, I'm happy with how it turned out. I've experimented with some nuances of story telling that I've learnt as a writer in the last two years, such as embedding different forms of writing such as a poetry, one-liner, verses, letters, diaries, emails, chats and SMSes together, which proved difficult considering the gap in flow that occurs while reading. I am happy that I could embed them almost perfectly in the storyline. I began the sequel with the motive to finish Kanav-Tanya's story with this book, but as it turns out, their story needs another book to get completed, making it a trilogy. There were too many sequences to fit into just one book.

Though after writing my first book, I thought of writing a serious book, but when I began writing a serious book, I realized that though my thinking has matured to think of complex and dark plots, I needed a lot of reading before justifying its writing. So I decided to take a break from ambitious literary writing and decided to first test myself on the familiar grounds before venturing further. The most amazing experience while writing humour is the moment when I burst out laughing while reading what I had written. Writing is entertaining, you know. But I wait for the day, when reading what I've written would make me cry. That'll be the day will I actually consider myself a complete writer.

This book is special, because it came out of nowhere. It touches just one fourth of the plot that I had initially planned for the sequel. But, it's complete in its own. Though it would require you to read my first book to get familiar with the characters, but even without reading the first book, by the end, you would get the hang of the entire story. I've not named it currently, since I've a social media marketing campaign in my mind, where I would invite titles from my readers. I've included some of the interesting Kanav-Tanya conversations that I've been putting up all the while on my fanpage in the book, to let the reader enjoy the slapstick witty humour that paint their romantic lives.

The book has been divided into three parts, in much like a story form:
1. The Beginning,
2. The Middle, and
3. The End

There are a lot of long interesting conversations in the book, conversation being the thing I think I'm good at, I've tried exploring new avenues. For example - slapstick conversation, witty, sarcastic, a quarrel, an emotional one and even a drunken one.

Here goes my favorite line from the book:
No monk would sell his ferrari, without making out in its backseat.

Hope you've a good time reading the book, it's supposed to come in two months at max. I've dedicated it to your smile, in hope to sustain it throughout the book.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Dream Girl

When it comes to me imagining what my dream girl should be like, there always comes an image of a girl who's passionate, caring and independent. These three adjectives are all that I want in my dream girl. I've not mentioned that she should be beautiful. Do you know why? Because those three qualities would make her the most beautiful woman in my life.

Now, coming to the explanation part.

Why passionate?
-> Because only then will she understand me and I'll understand her.
-> Because she'll have something else, other than me, in her life to make her life worth living.

Why caring?
-> What's love, without fun and care. What's life, with nobody to share.
-> Care is not about preventing me from falling down, but it's about standing by my side and encouraging me to stand up.

Why independent? Not only financially, but mentally as well.
-> Because I'm a lazy dog and I hate responsibility. Okay, on a serious note, because I'm a mortal.
-> Because I want to respect her for what she is, not what she gives. I want to respect her self-respect.
-> Because I want her to learn life the hard way, along with me, so that we can understand each other better and live life fully.

Now, why all the three?
Because, that's what my mother is like.
Because, that's what she is like.
Because, that's what I admire.

Friday, April 8, 2011


This world cup season, I had been amazingly involved in cricket, the habit that thankfully I caught through my activity on twitter. I’m really hopeful that India is going to win this time and I want to share the witty and emotional journey that my thought-process went through in the process. I present some of my own commentaries on the past cricket matches, starting chronologically:


  • No work and no play makes Sreesanth a millionaire.
  • Arindam Chaudhari, inspired by Dhoni, cuts his ponytail. He was seen wearing a T-shirt saying, 'Dare to think beyond Sachin.'
  • Piyush Chawla donates half of his won money to Sreesanth, for shifting the attention of critics towards himself.
  • Dhoni has made a bet to his friend that he would bring the WC without scoring more than ten runs in any match. Well, that’s called confidence.
  • Yuvraj says his lack of form in the past few months was just a tactic to get rid of Deepika. Now, he is eyeing Sheila!
  • Ponting goes back home, is welcomed by his wife, who says, ‘Fuck off! I’m marrying Yuvi.’
  • Munaf signed by Gillette as their Brand Ambassador. His recent tweet said ‘Not taking bath since months finally paid off.’
  • India wins. Nehra is thinking, ‘They were right, it was really me.’ #againstWI
  • A: Dhoni played politics by sending Nehra for the last over, he wanted him out.
    B: Do you realize that even Nehra wanted that!
  • Bangladeshi crowd is feeling jealous. They are cursing their grandfathers for not choosing Pakistan during the partition.
  • After Ind vs SA match, Dabur Amla is changing its tagline. Their new tagline goes like this: Asli Amla, Hashim Amla. B-)

Look what Mr. Lee is upto! No doubt he’s a bowler…and our Yuvi, busted his balls!


India vs Pak
  • Come on India, you got to buck up. If not for us, at least win this match for Poonam Pandey's fans. #mohali

India vs Australia
  • India will be facing Pakistan in Mohali. Let there be war!
  • Let’s give a nice farewell to Ponting. Let’s make him Nehra for one day!
  • Bharat mata ki … jai! Australia ki mata ki ________!
  • Mujhe Ponting ko dekh kar ab to aur bhi zyada Hussey aa rhi hai!
  • Ricky Ponting’s ton failed to get noticed in the land of master of tons.
  • When it comes to Tendulkar, a bat is mightier than a sword.

India vs WI
  • @Indian Team – Make sure that you don’t make me cry – ‘Holi Shit!’
  • Our Indian players seem bored of cricket, they’re so desperate to end every match as soon as possible
  • India is playing a good host. Setting up an example by practicing the philosophy of atithi devo bhav.
  • I’m watching Dhoom 2. Even Uday Chopra looks tolerable when compared to the Indian cricket team.
  • @Uday Chopra – You suck! Indian team gets the game back.
  • WI wiped out. That’s what happens when you ask West Indians to play in the East India.
  • West Indies team made a Nehra out of themselves.

Australia vs Pakistan
  • Razzaq to Brett Lee after the last over of the innings, ‘Beta, maine teri le LEE!’

England vs SA
  • England : they rock when they suck!

India vs SA
  • Don’t feel bad if people go gaga on the social network when India loses. That actually prevents violence – not only against players but also against TV sets.
  • Nehra is trending on TWITTER. We know who the man of the match is.
  • Nehra, after four dot balls in a row, got struck for a boundary. SA believes in tat for teeth!
  • India is all about diversity. A man scores a hundred runs, ten men take rest

England vs WI
  • This is the first time I’m feeling good for England. After the pathetic Patiala House, they finally attained something good in India.

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