Saturday, July 25, 2009


See it
Get it,
And read it too!
Let me know if you like it,
And let nobody know if you don't like it.
Keep it as a secret in your underwear pocket!

I'll be waiting to hear from you...
Anything you want to say...
Bouquets and brickbats accepted with 'almost' equal glee!

P.S. Please, please and please makes three-times please. Now that you've been imparted the divine knowledge, I think it's the time to say - 'Good night!' =))

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bliss - A Memoir

This is a small movie that I made today encompassing all the learnings that these two months in this foreign land offered to me.

See it, enjoy it and spread it. Thanks.

P.S. If you liked it, please do spread it. Pass on the link to all your friends.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Two months crossed in this foreign land. In these two months, I learnt -

1. One can find good people at every corner of the world.
2. Money is important.
3. Cooking is an art and I like it.
4. A teacher can affect life till eternity.
5. Beauty needs observant eyes to appreciate.
6. I don't quite like research.
7. Photoshop, Illustrator, Mathematica, POV ray, Java and Latex.
8. Indians are way better than firangis in geometry.
9. The more you sleep, the more you laze around.
10. I deserve to love myself.
11. I don't like the taste of wine or beer.
12. I should have bought an SLR before coming here.
13. Luxury appeals only initially, then it's the quality of life and work that appeals.

P.S. Good morning.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


If you want to see the world in its full splendour,
If you have got big dreams that you're trying to render

If you are searching for that perfect platform,
That will make you victorious despite the storm

If you want that people should value your time
As you do it yourself, in a way that's sublime

If you want to see unlimited beauty as well as modernization,
With eyes wide open - overwhelmed with too many temptations

If you want to extract maximum out of your life,
Be it money, achievements or absence of strife

If you wanna enjoy your life in every possible way,
Then your answer lies just one word away

'London', that's the word that you've been waiting for
It's the place which you deserve for sure!

P.S. To end this poem, I'll steal a beautiful one-liner written by my friend Keshav - it says - 'Amongst the stars, over the skies...... Right there in London!!..... the beauty lies!'
P.S. London flushed my homesickness in one go! I am now suffering from London-sickness.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Read to find the title yourself!

Every night when I go to sleep, her smell haunts me, making me feel lonely and helpless with every passing moment; making my tongue go parched and my heart go still, with my mind totally blank. That smell calls me to experience her soul once again with bright new sets of ideas and ideals, with a new eye that I've got now. The farther I went from her, the closer I became to her.

She is in my soul, she is the part of my every breath, my every heartbeat, my every single thought. Her ideologies are rare, her character is pure, her beauty is sublime, her love is unparalleled, her simplicity is appealing, her name is beautiful, her smell is inexpressible, she sits much above these petty words.

I had so much want to run away from her; and I even managed to do so, but in the process I didn't realize that this running away had its destination fixed only at her. I find myself baffled seeing myself missing her more than any other thing else in my life.

Do you know who's she? I know you know her, perhaps equally well as me, or even more than me. Yes, she is my soil - my India - my soul - my people; the only word that I can call my own without any reconsideration. She is right here with me rather within me pulling me towards her every moment, every single second.

I miss my country - and my country is so special to me just because of the people living there who have made my life out there a one-in-a-million experience. And you know what, you're one of them. Thank you for being a part of my life and influencing it in the most subtle way - by constituting my motherland and making it so special for me.

If you haven't already guessed what should be the title of this post, then here it is - 'Soil in my soul'.

P.S. Soil and soul are nearer to each other in my real life than in the English language.
P.S. The style of this article is inspired from my friend Debanjan.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kambakkht Movie

I just saw the movie Kambakkht Ishq; and yeah I am still alive. My laptop is also working fine, though it wants to take some rest, but still. My nasal cavity is a bit affected by the crap I had to smell for the last two and half hours.

Star-casts like no other bollywood movie till date. With our local legend Akshay Kumar; the legendary Sylvester Stallone, Denise Richards and Brandon Routh did the shitty job of supporting actors. Kareena Kapoor looked no better than the old maid who works at my University here.

I would say watch this movie only if you are going to commit suicide the next day, because then your soul would be totally psyched up with the shittiness of these bollywood story-makers and would try to make the swiftiest possible exit from this planet.

What more should I say? You're being chased by a dozen gundas and when you cry for help, none other than Sylvester Stallone comes to rescue. It can happen only in Bollywood, I can bet that! The movie has a delicately crafted storyline which seems to be written by somebody greatly constipated while he was sitting on his potty chair. I bet you could write a better story for it, even without being constipated. About Akshay Kumar and hilarity of the movie, I can assure you that you would laugh more while seeing your own face in the mirror than seeing the movie.

The bottomline is contained in just two words - Smelly Crap!

P.S. This movie can give a headache even to a chatterbox like you.