Thursday, November 10, 2011

Break-up Note

Every time I say I won't call you, I end up calling you. This time I would stick to my words, I'm a man of words, I should live up to my image.

When you were there, I could very easily deny the fact that I love you, sometimes just to play around with you, sometimes just to hurt you. But now when you are gone, I can't deny it. Not even once. I love you. More than I ever realized I could. You, your perpetual happiness, your smile when you were standing on the other side of the road, your peculiar laugh, your brisk walk, your slender fingers, your captivating smell, your silky hair, your little-bit-hairy neck, your perfect toes, your small feet, your glistening white teeth and those big gums - the only imperfection in you that made you a little bit imperfect - thus perfect for me - cloud my mind all the time. In the last three weeks, there hasn't been a moment when I didn't think about you. I can't understand why thinking about you always makes me cry. I'm a strong man, I have always told myself. But now when you're gone, I realize that you were my strength.

I wish I could have been the person who could keep you happy. I wish I could touch your heart once again as I did once upon a time. I wish you had never gone. I wish you were here. I wish you loved me. I wish all my wishes come true. You come true. We come true.

- Excerpt from the ongoing third book.