Friday, May 27, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Name my child...

Hello friends,

It brings me immense pleasure to unravel the synopsis of my next book. Please go through it.

They were far away. They had been coercively separated. Half a world apart. He was in India, while she in US. Some say that long distance relationships do not work. They knew just one thing: love works. And they possessed just one asset: hope.

It worked for them, even without knowing about each other for weeks, even without hearing each other's voice for months, even without seeing each other's face for almost half a year. Six months after they were separated, she was coming back to India for just a week. Their excitement touched the pinnacle of joy, in hope that their timeless wait was going to be over the moment they would behold each other's light, their life would see a new morning of togetherness, their joy would make them cry like never before.

But unfortunately, it doesn't work this time.

Love fails. Hope survives. Or vice-versa?

What happens next? Come and find out yourself in the continuing story of Kanav and Tanya....

With time, a writer evolves. Though, this novel touches the ticklish spot in you as well as the previous one could, with various witty romantic conversations, hilarious events, rare nerdy descriptions and scandalous revelations; this one also contains many moments of introspection, such as - the discovery of passion, the impact of 'cool' parents, the importance of faith and the meaning of respect - portrayed through numerous conversations, diary entries and poems; written to give you a takeaway which could strike a deeper chord with you.

About the title that I'm expecting from you, some guidelines:
  • It should be less than 20 characters long.
  • It should be in proper English; no shorthands, no Hindi
  • Should have a subtitle, which completes and complements the title
  • Preferred: Witty title, that could make a reader hold on to the book at first go.
  • If you've some other idea, feel free to propose.
  • It should be 100% original.
  • No plagiarized titles supported.
How it'll work:
  • You post the title of your desire on the fanpage.
  • To give a fair chance for everyone to get voted, every alternate day, I'll upload a jpeg version of all the posted titles on my fanpage, with your name attached to it.
  • As more and more people like it, your chance to get selected increases

Disclaimer: In the end, my publisher should approve of the title. In case he doesn't, I'll be forced to consider some other title. However, the winner will get acknowledged and get the promised personally signed copies.