Friday, November 28, 2008

My Passion

My Passion

Someone asked me, "What is success in your eyes?"

"Success is finding your passion", I replied.

"What is passion?", he asked.

"It is anything which can make you lose your sleep."

"Have you ever lost it?", he enquired.

I opened my eyes and exclaimed, "I did!"
And I began writing this.

I found my passion, what about YOU?

Friday, November 21, 2008

It starts with me and ends with me...

Wait has been over, majors came with a bang. Today was my humanities paper. The enormous hate that I had mounted in my mind against my humanities teacher was washed away in no time. The overview of the whole course tells me that it was a worthy course, though the professor tried to impart all the soft skills in a single semester with cumbersome readings, term papers and presentations, he had been successful to some extent - especially giving us a brief insight that what part of our personality are important in our careers.

I am feeling extremely positive and my attitude is perfect for the examinations ahead. I had a good start with today's paper going great. Tomorrow is my favorite subject - Optics - and I am gonna rock it. I am feeling very blessed to finally encounter 'The Real Me' after such a long time. This Me is positive, optimistic and enthusiastic and it has been awaken on its own without any of outer influences or inner contemplation. I had the same attitude before my JEE and I hope to carry this attitude for long.

I have my entire holiday plans chalked out : This time I am going to make use of my time efficiently. My holidays are going to include :
  • Daily jamming sessions with my instrumentalist friends, preparing a dozen songs -Indian classical as well as Floyd and Metallica's - perfectly.
  • Complete my novel- Oops and sit on editing session with my Dad and Sister.
  • I got an idea for a new novel. I will start it at home. It's titled - 'Those 14 days'.
  • Translation of my Dad's short stories in English and publish them in a blog.
  • Mastering Brett Manning singing sensation - voice exercises to improve range and texture.
  • Sending 50 applications for internship daily - though I have got some positive replies - financial issues need to be resolved.
  • Read about holography in detail from internet and other sources.
  • Photographing portraits of slum-dwellers - depicting the hidden side of India.
  • And of course, synergy will keep you updated with my doings and misdoings.
  • Read about four book in the season. One on India, other on management, Gandiji's autobiography - My Experiments with truth and fourth one, a novel - Of course I love you by Durjoy Dutta.
I want to write about me. I am just loving my state now : supremely happy.
So here it goes :
  • My favorite singer : You all know, it's KK and Jagjit Singh
  • My favorite pastime : You all know, it's orkuting.
  • I am most passionate about : Writing(presently)
  • The gadget I wanna acquire the most : Any 10+ mp digicam.
  • My favorite outfit : A loose white T-shirt and deep blue jeans(DO you recall anything?).
  • My favorite font : Trebuchet
  • One thing I am strictly against : Being Idle (read vella!)
  • My best friend : Ravi and Sunny
  • The person who I remember most : My Sister
P.S. My typing speed has increased to 62 wpm. Bravo!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Best Policy

The day I joined IIT, I started losing something. That loss may not be irrepairable, but still over the last one and half years of my stay in this place, the losing process continued. The thing that I started losing had been ingrained in my personality right from my childhood to my school-days, it being an integral part of my character. Even my fellow friends used to praise me for that, but after coming to this place, my character started deteriorating. The thing I am talking about is Honesty. The tag of unscratched honesty that I carried over the whole of my schooling days was shredded the day I joined this institute.

Copying assignments, lab reports, term papers and almost every other thing related to academics became a commonplace in my life. I don't know what motivated me for doing that, perhaps this dishonesty is the bonanza we receive as a part of being an IITian, my conscience didn't even stop me or told me that this is not what I used to do or this habit is bad! My fellow class-mates(leaving a few gems!) did the same and I felt this was nothing bad or wrong. The experiments were done with fraud readings and even sometime left incomplete relying on copying the readings from my friends. All this continued to be happening without any guilt on my part.

And the last minor, it was my exam of Mathematical Physics - being amongst the toughest courses I have this semester. I had screwed the Minor 1 paper of that subject and was desperate to score more. Exam-time came, all my friends - including me - planned out that we would sit next to each other, and help each other out in the paper. On the day of the exam, we got up early and rushed to the exam-hall quite early just to capture the last seats for us to facilitate us in cheating from each others' answer-sheet.

Exam started - and as expected - the paper was tough. Out of the four questions - I knew just three. The fourth one carried highest marks and I started with that. While putting my brains to that question, I got stuck. I wanted to look into my friend's answer-sheet who had done that question, but to my surprise, I could not gather the courage to look into his copy. The fear didn't come into the picture because of the invigilators since they were not too vigilant, rather it was just my 'Self' which inhibited me to carry out that thing called cheating. My friends were taking use of this silly freedom of the backbench to the max while I was busy fighting with myself. In the dilemma of this yes and no, I wasted about 20 minutes of the exam-time out of the prescribed 60 minutes and as a result even the questions which I knew were also left incomplete. I could solve only one question completely and a half of the second one.

Last to last week, I got my answer sheet - I got a dismal 7 out of 25, which was worse than even the marks of Minor 1. My friends, who sat together during that exam-time, got marks in diverse range from 12 to 18 and managed to score quite good considering the toughness of the paper. Presently, carrying the copy in my hands, I can proudly proclaim that I am much happier than them because my conscience has been awakened and I re-learnt the great truth of life - honesty brings pride. The honesty that had been in me in the yesteryears is again going to be a part of my life and truth is to be my constant companion.

Thank you all my friends for(unknowingly) bringing in this transformation in me.

P.S. I want to dedicate this article to my dearest friend Sunny, who has his principles, values and integrity intact despite living amidst the lowest grades of unscrupulous people. You are really a gem and a living source of inspiration for me.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

An Indispensable Man

This is the best poem I have come across till now. I had read it on the bulletin board of a X-ray institute in Patna when I was a in 4th grade. I have found it once again and I want to share it with all of you. It is called 'An Indispensable Man'.

Sometime when you’re feeling important;
Sometime when your ego’s in bloom
Sometime when you take it for granted
You’re the best qualified in the room,

Sometime when you feel that your going
Would leave an unfillable hole,
Just follow these simple instructions
And see how they humble your soul;

Take a bucket and fill it with water,
Put your hand in it up to the wrist,
Pull it out and the hole that’s remaining
Is a measure of how you’ll be missed.

You can splash all you wish when you enter,
You may stir up the water galore,
But stop and you’ll find that in no time
It looks quite the same as before.

The moral of this quaint example
Is do just the best that you can,
Be proud of yourself but remember,
There’s no indispensable man.


P.S. If you hate poems then please read it once, you will start loving it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Break-up Prize

We had every moments spent splendidly, she had been always there with me whether it was my up or down. She was my first love and I was exceptionally fond of her, but you know, time changes everything. Our love had its own way and things started to go bad and then worse and finally to the worst. From the last few months, she had started behaving erratically. She had become numb to my emotions and she did not sound happy with me. Despite my conscious efforts to tune her attitude towards the better side, she resisted. The comfort level had been lost somewhere in the dust of time. The years of togetherness had been evil-eyed.

Tired of being sorry, my patience couldn't last for her to improve. Her behaviour was worsening regularly and at last I gave up. Annoyed, I left her last week when I found that she was irrepairable. I had not told her that I broke-up with her, since she was smart enough to understand the rift in between us. We neither hung out nor even talked to each other since I started ignoring her. She might be upset, but I don't care. She had lost her charm for all I care.

After snapping our relationship last week, I was happy, very relieved. During the last four days though, I missed the presence of that somebody in my life, I again became desperate.

I needed a girlfriend man! Someone with whom I could have more fun, someone more beautiful, sexier and with whom I could make my friends envy me. I went to many places to search for her. On my couple of visits to the best places in Delhi for finding my perfect choice, I found many sexy models. They were complete in themselves to satisfy my desires. But still I had something unknown inhibiting me from interacting with them.

Last night, I became very desperate to have that SHE in my life. I went to the other part of Delhi, which was a home to all the sexy and ravishing figures of the country. I interacted with about a dozen of super-hot models. While I was flirting with a super-slim  babe, my eyes came across Henna. If you don't believe that there exists a thing called "Love at first sight", then you are certainly wrong!

She was everything I had in my dreams. My break-up with my previous girlfriend proved to be fruitful as I found a real 'hottie'. Perfect figure, fair skin, beautiful texture and a raunchy voice. She had double the assets that my ex. She was the perfect material to make my friends jealous and even develop an inferiority complex in my ex-gf!

I asked her to accompany me, and she willingly accepted. She told that it was the first time that someone had showed so much interest in her. Being a Casa Nova, it was my forte to win hearts of ravishing beauties. I caressed her in my arms, and held her throughout I came back to my place.

In my room, I asked her to feel at ease. She was there in front of me, with a tempting charm in her body attracting me towards her. I was drawn towards her and I could not help resisting my desires. I needed her to dissolve my sorrows that had been entangled in my mind after the break-up with my first love.

I went near her and carressed her. I tickled her with my fingers and she laughed. I uncovered her body and started to touch her all around. She was sensuous, and when in my arms, I could feel that she was the one who would satisfy me to the zenith. I closed my eyes and shrugged away the rust of time from my senses. Lost in ecstasy, after a long trance of pleasure, I opened my eyes.

Standing in front of me, it was my ex-gf Eva staring at me with no emotions at all on her face. Angry, I got up with Henna still on my bed, and with coercion I locked Eva in my cupboard. She didn't even resist.

After my night stand with Henna, I took out Eva. I did not talk with her, I just let her stand in front of me. Right from the morning, Eva has been standing in front of me, withered and broken with rusted strings while my Henna, being more precious, is inside the cupboard now!

Looking at Eva, I can still feel the moments of our intimacy we had together. Amidst all these emotional turmoil, I have learnt that like grief, love also fades away with time. No-one is indispensable, new people come and make our life beautiful again. I am gonna sell Eva to someone, I just hope that she finds herself a passionate lover!

P.S. This is the sequel to my most popular post so far "One Night Stand". Click here if you haven't read it.
P.S. Henna is something with which I can make the whole Institute jealous. It's a twelve string - double the assets, remember?
P.S. Henna is worth 8k bucks! She is broader, fairer and sexier. An electric guitar can never compete with the harmony of acoustic one.
P.S. Click here for having a glimpse of Henna.