Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I need a break

I have had too much of everything. I am going to move away from everything for a week. Waiting for the holidays.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Law of Attraction

Hello people.

It's 4.25 pm and I am sitting on a comfortable chair, light brown in colour and am staring at the monitor in front of me, with alphabets being poured down on the screen according to my wish. There are headphones in my ears and they are playing the song 'Here I am' by Bryan Adams into my ears. Incidentally that's my favorite song too, having the best combination of lyrics, music as well as the feeling of hope embellishing the soft background.

In one hour, I am going to have my first tryst with a foreign language i.e. French. I had no special plans of learning a foreign language lately, though I would have done it some time later in my life, since my semester schedule this time is already packed with tiresome courses and a stimulating research project, but around a week ago, I got an internship for the coming summer in France, in the city of wine - Bordeaux and I got very enthusiastic about visiting the land of renaissance. To enjoy my stay to the fullest, I decided to learn French, whose classes start from today. It's going to be an interesting experience, I sincerely hope so.

As a matter of fact, I wanted to share something. No, it was not the news of my internship, rather it's my experience with the law of attraction. To those who have not heard/read about 'The Law of Attraction', I would urge you to read the book called 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne. For your ease, I am giving its crux - the law of attraction states that - if you really want something and truly believe it's possible, you'll get it. There she had talked about something called as a vision board, where she asks us to paste pictures of whatever you want to have, since nothing stimulates universe more than a want backed up by visualization.

In December, I was down with typhoid when, just to pass my time, I took a photo of mine and edited it in photoshop and placed myself in front of Eiffel Tower, with my index finger touching its apex, quite gleefully. It came out looking quite realistic and I told my cousin sister Aishy, 'See, this is a photograph from the future, I am going to France this summer,' just out of the blues. Throughout December, I had applied to USA for internships hoping to get a chance to visit the land of Obama. But all the replies that I got were negative. I didn't apply to Europe at all, since I was too much into US. And then I left applying for internship even, the heap of rejection took its toll on my perseverence. Throughout these days, my photoshopped image of measuring Eiffel Tower's height with my hand adorned my desktop and my gtalk profile pic.

In Jan, I came back to IIT and got busy in many useless things, leaving the internship thingy completely at bay. However, one day, just out of the blues, I went to a friend of mine, who gave me the email id of one professor in France. I came back to my room and sent an application to the Professor and the day later, I got the invitation later. I was euphoric. You should have seen me then. The smile on my face didn't fade for almost two days. I got an internship in France with the very first application that I sent, though I'd sent around 120 apps in US and got rejected every time because of funds shortage or inavailability of vacancy. The time when I had given up hope, this miracle happened. Isn't it incredible?

I am sharing the picture that I modified in December. I know I am looking stupid, but please bear with me. It isn't about me after all, it's about the law of attraction.

Remember - Whatever your mind can conceive, it can achieve. Trust me. Now I got to go, am getting late for my French class. Au revoir(bye). Bon Jour(Good Day).