Friday, April 25, 2008

I found the Key :

Enough of chill maarna. Now it has been realized that there is no substitute to hard-work. Opportunities come to only those who are prepared. I avoided studies in the name of extra-curriculars though I was neither par excellence in any of those. The height of me avoiding studies was when everyday I started picking up new hobbies from origami, ambigrams, sketching to even arbitrary blogging. The more I ran away from studies, the more the pressure it mounted on my mind. Now when I came face to face with it, I realize it was never difficult for me. The words of Swami Vivekanand strike my mind which says, "What you need is more important than what you want." The best way to fight fear is to come face to face with it and when one comes face to face with it, a funny situation arises; the fear seems trifle...and in the case of looks surprisingly easy....YES you heard it right..."EASY". My life has got a it is waiting for me to run on it at my full pace...

Hardwork is the key...even luck favours the prepared one...the reason for any failure 99% of times is "Lack of Hard-work". Sharpness and talents don't matter much(they only make ur understanding faster) is ultimately practice that makes one perfect...the more one practices the more skilled one becomes. Everything in this life is straight-forward and that's why Life is complex.

One of the greatest geniuses of all times, Michelangelo said, "It would not be so astonishing if you knew how hard I worked to gain my mastery."

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Friends were here
Friends were there
Friends were all around

One was there
Who lived so near
Hostile did he sound

To everyone, I used to complain
"I loath him, I loath him", I used the refrain

Soon came a tough phase
"Politics and Diplomacy", did I gaze

All the fake masks fell to the ground
Greed and Ego knew no bounds

Selfishness climbed to zenith
Crushing all the friendships beneath

When all my friends lost hope
And my self-belief started to grope

Only he stood by my side
Showing faith in me to give me a smooth glide

The (poltu) season took a halt
All our expectations had been rolled

Neither did I get any post
Nor anything to boast

But I found a friend amongst all those so-called friends
Whose friendship is valuable till the time ends

Friends will come and friends will go
Some may even turn out to be a foe
Only few remain who heal our wounds,

Who share our sorrow
And wish for us a better tomorrow
Only they are forever...and this friendship then knows no bounds

I got one of those few
"I'll never loath him, I'll never loath him", now I knew,
Now I knew..

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I learnt today :

• Emotions are one of the most precious gifts of nature for any human being.

• Friends are the best possession one can have. It is one lifetime investment which will always multiply itself in return.
• Busy mind inculcates creativity while Idle mind provokes lust.
• Parents are always right.
• I have NOT lost my vigour for study. I studied the whole day with good grasping.
• The fun-element adds interest in even the most boring activities.
• Just an hour of sincere study brings immense contentment.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Trespassers will be Rusticated :

Yesterday, don’t know what happened, an idea cropped up out of nowhere in our minds to visit insti top at midnight. We were idling around after the House Day of Jwalamukhi Hostel, and finally went up to the insti roof after much persuasions to many of my friends. Our bunch of young men and women, showing their gymnastics skills in trespassing the closed gates at the insti top atlast found the place worth for all the efforts they had put in. The breeze blowing was romantic and adding to the romance was the bright moon-light inducing inertia in our eyes. Dancing in our own rhythm, we were feeling at heaven. But things don’t always remain as simple as it seems. Our joy was evil-eyed. The culprits behind our short-lived joy are the ones who have enough power to make us dance in their own kind of DISCO(DISciplinary COmmittee). They are popularly known as GUARDs(as if a south-indian guy is pronouncing GOD). Their heroic entry induced adrenaline in many of my friends, somebody’s heart pumping blood at twice the rate, somebody’s mind working at a wondrous pace to provide excuses for our great deed.Of the seven of us three of my friends fled away(flight from fight, but not for long).

Surprisingly, I was quite calm because somewhere deep inside my heart I was assured that nothing serious is gonna happen. That’s probably because I was a bit more experienced in breaking the rules; having already dated security officers earlier when I jumped over the hostel gates at 3 o’clock at night after watching that torturous movie RGV ki AAG(Friends thanks for all your sympathy for me for having tolerated that torture). Waise, insti top was not too risky especially when there are no boundary-edges at the top of a building of ten storeys and its assured that if u get a chance to have a peaceful and instantaneous death, it’s undoubtedly the best option.

Coming back to the story, we four followed our able leader, a guard; providing him the best available excuses. He lead us to the king of ‘em all : The Security Incharge. He fired us with questions having no patience to hear our explanations to them. And to add to the spice of the scene, we were asked to call the three of them who fled away…lol…God does not spare anyone(GOD in this case is equivalent to the Security Incharge)..Anyways coming back to the point…when you do mistake there is remorse….which was quite visible in all our eyes; our able acting touched the heart of the GOD and he forbade his mercy upon us…asking us to write an APOLOGY LETTER and bestow them with our prestigious signatures(which he will store forever and will show to his grand-children for sure)…He warned us for the last time(though the time when I was jumping the gate, it was the last time too)…This not only provided us the opportunity to make our name and entry no. famous but also our hostel and room no. to be in those prestigious pages. Just coming out of security in charge’s cabin…we maintained a sorry face until we went far away from the cabin and found nobody near to read our face when our sorry face suddenly sprang up into a mischievous one…..we had a naughty smiles on our face and a deep underlying sense of achieving something great...out of this world…And I said, "Maza aya yaar", and all my friends reciprocated to it saying, "Sahi mein yaar"… a couple of ice-teas at NESCI brought us back to our ground level…and Shirshendu describing the whole incident in his superb gestures - full of expressions, added flavour to the ice-teas….
Now 6 in the morning, with the morning sun glorifying my whole surrounding with its funny light, I sense a tingle whenever I remember about yesterday. It is an experience which I will cherish the whole life…unless I have an attack of amnesia…

P.S.The photo displays the entry of the Insti Roof...It has to do nothing with the yesterday's is just added to make the whole description more vivid...The fence remains closed at night and we jumped across this fence.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

8 things :

Eight things I am passionate about(in no particular order):

Emotions...good ones...affection, care, respect,taking care of someone
My faith and beliefs
Good conversations
India : My love for it is increasing day by day
Mom-made cuisine, sleep and other such delicious reasons of living

Eight things I want to do before I die (In no particular order):

Feel complete
Tour the whole world with my parents and sister
Learn all the forms of art viz. origami, ambigrams...
Adopt a child
Make my own soft-rock band
Learn violin and saxophone
Experience super-consciousness

Write a book

Eight things I say often:

"This is"

"I know..."

Eight books I’ve read recently:

The Da Vinci Code
Wise and Otherwise
Men of Steel
The Success Principles
The Journey to Self-Realization
I bought the Ferrari
Success Vs Joy
Chicken Soup for the Soul

Eight songs I could listen to, over and over:

Koi Fariyad, Tum bin
Heaven, Bryan Adams
Everybody hurts, Corrs
Garaj Baras, Jagjit Singh
My heart will go on, Celine Dion
Bahon ke Darmiyan, Khamoshi
Yaad kiya dil ne, Jagjit Singh's Version
Everything I do, Bryan Adams

Eight things that attract me to my best friends:

Understanding/ Perception
Good listening skills

HappYness :

There is some point in my life when everything seems not working yet life appears to be smooth. There is great satisfaction in my doings and even if things don't work I remain happy.

This part of my life is called HAPPINESS.

It is eternal, inexpressible. Presently, I am in that very state, feelin great. Not just great, but infact too great. I don't know why but its lovely. A deep sense of contentment is there in my breath. Today is special.

I got up in great mood. My "best friend" (oh, the joy that comes on mentioning this word is immeasurable) came to wake me up early in the morning. When he told "Harsh, uth ja, sadhe saat ho gaye"; unlike other days when I shout at the one who wakes me up; I said, "Thanks a lot!". The day started on a positive note. I even had my breakfast : Spicy masala dosa and i relished it. And reached the practical classes in full swing discussing Physics (A rare moment). Practicals were eye-boggling straining the eyes with several microscope measurements. Today the very thought of studies is not bothering me. Acceptance brings satisfaction and inculcates creativities.

I am feeling gifted as if the Almighty is conspiring to move me ahead... ahead of this world... this bondage of a state of constant bliss...where every moment is a celebration...every face has a smile...every thought has and care flows through every soul...which is as comfortable as my mother's lap...and she moving her fingers through my dishevelled hairs...

I wonder will this state be permanent or will the world pull me back from this trance to the tough realities...