Sunday, April 20, 2008


Friends were here
Friends were there
Friends were all around

One was there
Who lived so near
Hostile did he sound

To everyone, I used to complain
"I loath him, I loath him", I used the refrain

Soon came a tough phase
"Politics and Diplomacy", did I gaze

All the fake masks fell to the ground
Greed and Ego knew no bounds

Selfishness climbed to zenith
Crushing all the friendships beneath

When all my friends lost hope
And my self-belief started to grope

Only he stood by my side
Showing faith in me to give me a smooth glide

The (poltu) season took a halt
All our expectations had been rolled

Neither did I get any post
Nor anything to boast

But I found a friend amongst all those so-called friends
Whose friendship is valuable till the time ends

Friends will come and friends will go
Some may even turn out to be a foe
Only few remain who heal our wounds,

Who share our sorrow
And wish for us a better tomorrow
Only they are forever...and this friendship then knows no bounds

I got one of those few
"I'll never loath him, I'll never loath him", now I knew,
Now I knew..

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