Wednesday, April 9, 2008

HappYness :

There is some point in my life when everything seems not working yet life appears to be smooth. There is great satisfaction in my doings and even if things don't work I remain happy.

This part of my life is called HAPPINESS.

It is eternal, inexpressible. Presently, I am in that very state, feelin great. Not just great, but infact too great. I don't know why but its lovely. A deep sense of contentment is there in my breath. Today is special.

I got up in great mood. My "best friend" (oh, the joy that comes on mentioning this word is immeasurable) came to wake me up early in the morning. When he told "Harsh, uth ja, sadhe saat ho gaye"; unlike other days when I shout at the one who wakes me up; I said, "Thanks a lot!". The day started on a positive note. I even had my breakfast : Spicy masala dosa and i relished it. And reached the practical classes in full swing discussing Physics (A rare moment). Practicals were eye-boggling straining the eyes with several microscope measurements. Today the very thought of studies is not bothering me. Acceptance brings satisfaction and inculcates creativities.

I am feeling gifted as if the Almighty is conspiring to move me ahead... ahead of this world... this bondage of a state of constant bliss...where every moment is a celebration...every face has a smile...every thought has and care flows through every soul...which is as comfortable as my mother's lap...and she moving her fingers through my dishevelled hairs...

I wonder will this state be permanent or will the world pull me back from this trance to the tough realities...

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