Friday, August 29, 2008

Grown up?

Hey, today is my birthday. I turned 19. This is such a special day : this being the only day when everyone makes me feel special, everyone makes me feel important. It feels really nice, people talking nicely, people postponing their anger for the next day to make today a special day for me, many of my old lost friends calling me specially to wish me.

When I was a child, this day began with me getting up over-excitedly in the morning and straightaway jumping and touching the feet of my Papa, Mummy and Dadi and Dadaji. I used to assure my Papa - "When I'll grow up, no matter where I'll be, I will make sure that I begin the day of my birthday by touching your feet." After that Papa would give me my birthday present and Mummy would make delicious recipes for me. Dadaji and Dadi would give me 200 Rs cash which I would put in my wallet very cautiously and hide it from my Mom behind my book-shelf. As day proceeded, my relatives used to begin coming to our home one by one and would help us prepare for the grand party to be taking place at the night. Every relative came with gifts of all the possible kinds ranging from video games cassettes, clothes, games, books, stationers, sport-stuffs and CASH. It felt so great - one day dedicated especially to me. The party began with a bang of applause when I cut the cake and everybody singing Happy Birthday in their unique tunes, rejoice was clear on every face. Even the persons who I did not know, who were at the party especially greeted me making me feel so very important. Party over, my room-floor having no space to put my small foot with gift-wrappers all around the floor and my sleepy eyes having lost their sleep at the sudden excitement. After dismantling all the toys into their constituents would I be satiated and hiding all the CASH from my Mom, I went to sleep. Next day at school used to be revolving around my friends inquiring about what gifts I got.

And today, my day began late, as I was busy entertaining my friends on my phone the last night till 4 o clock. At 6 am early in the morning, my phone started ringing. After four continuous rings, I got annoyed. Having no faint idea who was at the phone and to add spice to the wound - today being my birthday was completely out of my mind, I picked up my cell.

Half asleep, I said, in my irritated voice without noticing who was at the phone, "Why the hell are you disturbing me so early? Call me later."

There came a reply in a voice quite familiar, "Happy Birthday Son. You really have grown up!".
And the phone got disconnected...


shweta said...
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shweta said...

u have again drawn d contrast quite well..

kriti said...

m missing my dad.........

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