Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Art of Being Happy

There are several studs I have come across. People exceptionally talented in one field or another, they get appreciation wherever they go. They hoist their own flag at any competition whatsoever. That of course makes me envious. I start thinking - "Am I exceptionally talented in anything?" Though I was expecting a negative answer, but I become dumbstruck to find that there is something in which I am a stud and(to please my ego more) that is the most difficult work to do on this planet. You might be wondering what's that?

It's the art of being happy. When I wonder why I always remain happy : The reason comes out to be nothing special, it's simple and straight-forward - Happiness is my ground-level. Whenever I am having nothing to do, nothing to think of, nothing special to do : I spend that time in being happy. And the time when I am busy doing something, then I ensure that it is the task that brings me satisfaction, in a way making me happy. So, the net result is I am always happy.

This happiness many a times is disturbed by some external sources, but now I have become completely numb to these external sources. My goals, dreams and passions are very clearly defined and anything that doesn't make me at ease, I don't pay my attention to it. I am madly in love with myself and supremely happy. Life cannot be better than this.

Most of us are as happy as we make our minds to be.

P.S. Purely personal recount, yet maybe of some inspiration.
P.S. Touch Wood!
P.S. Happiness is such a wonderful thing that it does not require itself a reason. Though, for being unhappy, you need to have a reason.

P.S. I prefer solitude over the gathering of some people.
P.S. Many a times moments arrive, when everything is tuned to perfection yet our mind is wandering for something more satisfying. That is the time to redefine your goal.
P.S. If no obstacles come your way then certainly you are on the wrong track.

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