Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dreams Realized

Sometimes I think that I have wasted my schooldays, by being very shy, very nerdy and geeky. But, while thinking all this I realize, I am taking my alma mater for granted. If I had been anything I wasn't, then I am damn sure that I would not be residing in the finest institution of India.

Two years of arduous experiment with my left brain has paved my way for the future. The kind of outgoing and extrovert person I have now become is a welcome change, and was much needed. But, if I had become so masti-oriented guy while in school, surely my dream of IIT would have always been a dream. I think sometimes that what if I had not qualified in JEE, what would I have been doing? I realize that during the two years of preparation there was not a single moment when I thought this. "I was going to get through JEE", was a belief that was stamped on my self right from the class 9th. I always visualized myself in IIT.

Now I feel that because I had this burning desire to get into IIT many things happened strangely in my favour paving my way to where I am. The universe conspired to let me realize my dream. I got the best teachers at the time when I needed them most, India was kicked out of the World Cup 2007 thereby giving me more time to deal with my books, one guy came in my apartment from Bansal's and we had nice time discussing various concepts, I steered through the Boards with a great attitude and three days before JEE my grandma calling me and saying that she saw in her dreams that I have cleared the JEE. Interestingly enough, I became an orkut bug much after the JEE, otherwise I am sure would have lost my vigour for studies very early enough.

The kind of attitude I had while JEE was ensuring me from within that I was gonna clear. Some higher force was paving my way to help me fulfill my dreams. When you really want something, all the dormant forces become active to realize your dream.

P.S. Please don't misinterpret. I am just sharing my experience and thoughts. No egoism involved.
P.S. I was wondering what allows somebody to get something and any other person lose that. Its only desire to get that.
P.S. There is a book called 'The Secret'. Its marvelous, do read it.
P.S. If you have dream, you have to protect it. People who can't do something themselves force their opinions on you. You gotta go and get it. Become deaf to all the noise of the society and pursue your dreams with utmost passion. Universe will pave way.
P.S. Every failure offers more learnings than a success.
P.S. Follow your heart. It can never go wrong.


aman said...

nice one yet again....
:) i still want to thank u again for that secret movie u showed me
truely said just live the dream u want to nd universe will itself pave the way

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