Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Human without an 'e'

I am a human.
Imperfect but not immortal.
I make mistakes.
And don't ever feel the guilt.

I am a human.
Mean but not bad.
I hurt her.
And didn't ever feel her pain.

I am a human.
A cruel murderer.
For I killed her faith.
And I don't even feel sad.

Why am I not sorry?
Is it because I don't love her
Or is it because - I am a human.

She is also a human.
Why is she so perfect?
Is it because she loves me more than
Anything else - that makes her so humane?

I always told her,
"You're gifted in love."
And continued, "While I am quite ordinary
- being just a human."

I am still not feeling the guilt
Though, I desperately want to feel it
But I am unable to.
After all, I am just a human.

Human - an excuse to make mistakes.
Human - an excuse to hurt your emotions.
Human - an excuse to play with your heart.
Human - an excuse for all my faults.

Forgive me, though still
I am not feeling sorry.
But someday, I'm sure that I will -
Since I am just a human.


aman said...

:) nice yaar, we'll definitely feel sorry, probably just because we are human... that thing which stops us from feeling so will die someday, its part of our being human :)

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

dat was gr8!!!!
gud re!! u gettin bettr wid each post!!

Pallavi said...

achaa ........ cahlo u agree girls are always better ...... vaise it was really good .....nice way of accepting the faults... worth trying .........

tusharika said... err is human to forgive is divine...women has the power to drive,for she is a mother to give u shelter,she warms you in bed and she bestows you with love,and forgives u being ur better half..