Friday, August 28, 2009

Oops! 'I' fell in love!

The book is out.
See it
Get it,
And read it too!
Let me know if you like it,
And let nobody know if you don't like it.
Keep it as a secret in your underwear pocket!

I'll be waiting to hear from you...
Anything you want to say...
Bouquets and brickbats accepted with 'almost' equal glee!

P.S. It's my birthday tomorrow! Yay! =))


aman said...

i m glad for finally ur dream has actually come true, may this happiness finds a permanent place in the cheerful and successful atmosphere around you, for you r the one who has made this possible, all credits to u only...
All the best :)
ur book will be a great succes

Buzz said...

Thanks with all my heart and even hearts of all my heart-throbs. Now you're rich enough in hearts to start your own business!

tusharika said...

...where do i start,i am a confused state of mind,just finished reading a book..a sweet love story with its own twist and turn,nothing extraodinary,if any one is expecting,but let me tell everyone i finished this book in one day,and now at 1 am what am i doing is that,leaving a comment in the blog of that writer whose book i finished in one day...yes dude,i loved your book and it was an woderful experience in knowing all ur characters.."i an writing a book"...and yes u hv done it in a delightful way..must praise your skills,all goes to ur gene.Yeterday i was just loitering around kamla-nagar,my eyes stopped at a blue cover of a book which named,"oops!'I'fell in love..i thought again same new Indian writer doing their bit of their own weired way,but i was wrong...u are wonderful,blessed with tremendous writing skill and your book has the grip to hold its reader.i finished it in a me on that part.your narrative technique,your description,and your use of words speaks volume abt ur caliber...besides all this things one more thing that attracted me is,i am an iphite and the sentence,"its heaven" strikes deep inside.Thanks for such a wonderful jouney..I wanted it not to end where u did...but as u say its just the beginning,indeed its the beginning and you have a long way to go..all the best for your future,may u have more such nostalgic tales to foretell..takc

Buzz said...

Gosh! This was the longest comment in the history of my blog. Thanks, you don't know but you made me feel extraordinary.

Thanks for taking out time and commenting. You made my day. :)

tusharika said...

work done with honesty and sincertity needs appreciation...criticism as well as appreciation are writers food...m glad to hear that ur day has been made by me...looking forward to read more from u..takc,happy writing and id mubarak...

wAzim said...

grr8 buk man.. d twist-in' of evry mOment is done precisely.. triCky.. ;).. nd also d simplicity Of d stOry, words, situations iz amazinG..

al d bSt !!

Anonymous said...

your book lost me on page 133...

Ankita Agrawal said...

Really a awesome book
i just loved it

Dr. Ankur said...

o man...kudos dude...
i don knw hw u penned down all tht...but its done so beautifully n in such a mischivious way ki ny one whos goin thru all those feelings ny tim in his life (includin me) can relate to.. actually page 112 rocks n m surely relate myself to tht... waitin fr the next novel n m sure u wil nt disappoint me..evn if ya do it wil hardly matter to u na dude..wink..i knw...we guys r lik tht only... wish ya all the best :P tatax

Buzz said...

Thanks all! I am elated by your kind response.

Anonymous said...

cn u gt mi a link 2 dwnload te e buk version..!!!!

Anonymous said...


jus read ur buk... a part of ur lyf.
a nice,sweet luv story. it really made me think hw i fell in luv.

the best part of the story when kanav's described abt luv... d xcitment he had when he heard the most awaited "yes"

gosh!"caught red handed situtation" in garage by d gals mom.

hw frnds use to tease all over again n again though it is nothing of thiers.. nothing imp to b knwn by them.

the way u described all d scenario... made it all soooo realistic ki even me n my frnds strted rememberin d initial days of our luv.

thanx for making the buk... v all really njoyed reading it.
waitin for the next one to cum :)

ankur said...

hi kanav.....
nice try by you from this book.
really interesting book..

bt jst tell me one thing did u told ur love tht the starting of your relation ws based on a bet.
bet wid your friend to get her mob. no /

ayush said...

i have read the book....its gr8!! nd Njoying 2....but i does hav some printing quotation mark(") rectify them....

suyog said...

hey dude i wanna read this novel but cant find it any where can anyone plzzzz tell me where can i find this novel in the city(mumbai)

darshan said...

harsh its great book.
u did well job.
i m impressed and want too meet u.

partha_607 said...

That was realy a great novel ... I enjoyed it a lot but may I know what happened to the girl named Tanya ? And what about your internship to USA, did you meet her ? I hope you did.

Harshita said...

I loved the book !
The way you write is amazingly superb man !
Great work !
By the way ..
Can you please answer my few question ..?
* I guess two or three :P *

..The story in the book ..
Is it REAL ?
Or a manipulated one ?

and there any sequel part coming to this book ..
If yes .....then do lemme know ..
Obviously I'm gonna purchase it ...or borrow it :P

Harshita said...

Do answer in detail ..;)
And more question ..
Are all the characters in the book real ?

Cmmon ...anwer 'em all fast !

* eager eager eager *

Harshita said...

Oops !
In my excitement ..
to ask you questions ..
I forgot to appreciate you yaar !

You dunno ..How much I'm loving this book !
Like hell !
Each and every line of this book !
Is worth reading ! :D :D
In 5 minutes i have commented three times including this one ! ;) :P

And waiting for the answers ..
Mannn !

You'd done something very extraordinary .. and awesome ! :D

I'm just waiting for your answers now ..

Harshita said...

And If the story was your own ..matlab I mean ..
You were the boy met tanya ..
and ...........

if yes ..
then why'd you changed the name to kanav ...??

Harshita said...

And ..btw ..
What does this book " Ouch that hearts " contain ?
I read something about it ..
Is it containing the same characters .. kanav and tanya ..
Is the story same as Oops I fell in love ?

Anonymous said...

Wht is end of ur story

Anonymous said...

does the book have any sequel ??

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