Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I am in love.
In love with all His creations.
From birds to animals,
From language to music,
From dust to the rain-drops,
From your eyes to my smile,
Everything is just so perfect.
As if we all are a part of -
The Master's masterpiece.

Since I am in love
I want to make you feel the same
I want to ask you something -
Something very subtle.
Just close your eyes
And thank God
For each of these beautiful things.
Feel the gratitude,
And feel the bliss.

Don't stare.
Just do it.
Thank HIM.
And then I'll disclose a secret to you.

Did you realize that -
You've just thanked yourself?

P.S. God is in all the beautiful things. One of the most beautiful things of this world are your eyes - which channel your soul towards all the beautiful things in this universe and make their beauty realized. Thank yourself because you've that eye where God resides and helps you to appreciate his creations.


aman said...

liked the topic a lot... and the poem too. Yeah, I did thank him for all his creations, which include our hearts too, we always need it... to 'appreciate' - not an easy thing to do

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