Thursday, September 4, 2008

Peculiar Peculiarities

There are some peculiar things about me that I inherently like. They are very unique to my personality and I think everybody has something in them that makes them unique. I love my uniqueness. I feel great about myself after reading an inspiring book called 'The Last Lecture' by Randy Pausch. Life has offered me with great peculiarities that had made me whatever I am.

Those peculiar things(often termed as 'Learnings of life') about me are enumerated below :
  • I like writing in the original way, I don't use short forms, not even in my SMSs(I prefer dictionary there). This habit, I find, is very useful, as I can cruise through my typing at an exceptionally good rate of about 55 wpm without any mistakes. I also don't have to do conscious editing while making any presentation or writing any article.
  • While listening to music, I can tell all the instruments that are played in the background. I can distinguish each individual sound of instrument. That's perhaps because I spent my entire childhood with a synthesizer with about 200 voices in it. But there is a demerit associated with it that I don't pay heed to the lyrics, lyrics are always my second priority.
  • I like my nail short and tidy always. That's because its comfy while playing guitar. And also I don't wear stones or any ring whatsoever, because I already have one stone of Hope inside me.
  • Having spent nearly 12 years with musical instruments, now I have got a knack of playing any tune whatsoever on any musical instrument whatsoever.
  • Any time I come across a new word I straightaway consult a dictionary, that's the reason of my satisfactory word power. I also have a huge turn-off for wrong spellings. Wrong spellings straightaway predicts careless observation and insincerity.
  • I play challenges with myself and I love rewarding myself for any of my small deed. Anytime I get to see a difficult task or situation, I bet myself, "If you surpass that, I am going to give you one 5 star." And everytime I achieve that challenge, I rejoice and dance in the joy of triumph and the sweetness of 5 star. (This dance literally means dance).
  • I love being at the top. There is just one flaw with this thing, for loving being at top, I need to get to that level. So that motivation is difficult to find. Once I get to that level, I am not going to lose it under any circumstances. Perhaps that was the hidden factor behind my success in JEE, I won at the school level and to maintain that position I toiled day and night.
  • I am a closed book. Even the closest of my friends and my parents think they know me or my thoughts-pattern, but the fact is their knowledge is very superficial. I am totally different from what they perceive. I hide many things from people, I don't want them to know me. I have different facets to different people. Only one person in this world knows me almost fully. For the rest of the world, I am very unpredictable and very mysterious.
  • I love reading about things which are not even faintly related to my area of interest. Be it genetics, art, Indian history, geography, philosophy, technology or science, everything appeals me. Perhaps that's why non-fiction books never bored me.
  • I love to dream. The wildest and especially the weird ones, which other people don't even dare to dream. I dream of winning a Nobel in literature as well as physics, I see myself being awarded Bharat Ratna when I am 40, I dream of having a stroll on mars, I dream of a big mansion with a Jimmy and a Ferrari in my car stand, I dream of travelling the whole world, I dream of writing a best-seller, I want to be famous, I dream of making a lots and lots of money to pursue all my passions as well as those of my closed-ones without any inhibitions.
  • I am always under addiction, once it was cricket, then it came to stamps, to coins, to countries, to books, to football, to movies, to computer, to gaming, to internet, to guitar, to photography, to writing, to blogging. Presently its that I am addicted to time-management and I found it is one of the best addictions to have. At present I am managing my time the best way possible.
P.S. Gratitude : I imbibed almost all of these habits from my Dad.
P.S. Today's word : Zilch - which means nothing, of no importance.
P.S. The best way to manage time is to avoid idle company with goal-less wanderers.
P.S. It is purely personal account, any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely intentional.
P.S. Do read the book : 'The Last Lecture' for some inspiration in your life. Its video is in my orkut profile.
P.S. I saw Rock On today. A total kickass drumming and guitaring and crispy voice of Farhan made it wonderful.
P.S. Its 3:21 am in the night and I have no mirage of sleep visible as far as I could see.


vidhu garg said...

achha ji???? u do not use shortforms? to ye 'comfy' kya hota hai?
n who is the only 1 person who knows u well? is it ------- n if its that 1 then dont u know urself?
ash kar

Anonymous said...

ya answer the above person..

Buzz said...

I already answered the above person personally. Anyway, for your information, comfy is a well recognized word in the English lexicon. It's not a short form. What I mean by short form is shorthand like 'shrthnd'.

And the only one person who knows me well is me myself. There's no-one else.

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