Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tunneling to the Next Level

After penning down about 50 articles including two poems in my blog, I plan to tunnel to the next level of creative writing. I think I am capable enough to proceed to the next level. I am starting a short novel, which I will post in another blog chapter-wise. It is interesting, hilarious and dramatic. It's my first attempt of such a big thing, so I hope you read it and comment. Proper criticism and suggestions are warmly welcomed.

Here is the link to that blog.

P.S. Please popularize it as much as you can.
P.S. The writing has been started with just an initiating thought in the mind, its end is still unknown to me. I will decipher it as I proceed.
P.S. It might take some time to upload the next portion of the writing, as I have regular classes, so kindly cope with me.
P.S. Good Night.

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