Thursday, December 15, 2011

I have so many blogger friends. And it was really surprising to me when an avid blogger, who has been in my friend list for over a year and who has been following fanpage on facebook for a long time asked me what it was all about.

I take this blog to answer what is all about.

  • Firstly, it's a creative networking website
    • A website where creativity acts as a bridge to connect people. Unlike social network, where people connect via their already existing contacts, a creative network is where creativity of the person is responsible for expanding one's network. 
    • This can be elucidated by the concept of an art gallery. When you go to an art gallery and you see a painting that you like, you feel the need to connect to the artist to appreciate him/her and to follow his art-work later on in the coming future. There it's creativity of the artist that drives you to connect to him.
  • It's a platform where you can get paid for writing just one line.
    • Being a writer, I always felt that there was no platform where I could monetize my one-liners, which were good and too many in number owing to my activity on facebook and twitter.
    • If you too are an avid tweeter, one-liner writer, TWS is just the right platform for you. Post your one-liners, get recognized and get featured amongst 25 thousand people. 
    • And that's not all, every six months, fifty best one-liners would be shortlisted and would be merchandized into tees and retailed. And you get royalty. So you get paid for writing just one line.
  • It's a literary crowdsourcing website for corporate branding and advertising
    • Brands can crowdsource their literary content from our hyper-creative users by running a contest on our platform
    • They not only get the literary content, but also position and publicise their brand amongst our urban educated youth, who are the avid users of the website
    • You get awesome prizes for writing just one word or one line for the venture.
    • Currently, it's the major revenue model for the venture
Regarding the team, we are two full time people: my partner and batchmate, Apoorv Jain and I. We have over 60 part-time people being college students and around 250 campus ambassadors across India.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Personal Goals

Enough of disoriented and undisciplined life. It's time to gain back the hold. Rather than long term goals, this time I'll have December goals, I'll disclose on 1st January, how well am I on track:

This December:

  • Master PHP, Javascript and mySQL. Become the CTO of
  • Write 30,000 words. Make Kanav meet Tanya. :D
  • Solo on my elec~baby.
  • Write an insightful article on the topic that concerns me a lot: Role of Motivation in Schooling System.
  • Join Toastmasters
  • Socialize: via FED, JUDE and other great people place

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Break-up Note

Every time I say I won't call you, I end up calling you. This time I would stick to my words, I'm a man of words, I should live up to my image.

When you were there, I could very easily deny the fact that I love you, sometimes just to play around with you, sometimes just to hurt you. But now when you are gone, I can't deny it. Not even once. I love you. More than I ever realized I could. You, your perpetual happiness, your smile when you were standing on the other side of the road, your peculiar laugh, your brisk walk, your slender fingers, your captivating smell, your silky hair, your little-bit-hairy neck, your perfect toes, your small feet, your glistening white teeth and those big gums - the only imperfection in you that made you a little bit imperfect - thus perfect for me - cloud my mind all the time. In the last three weeks, there hasn't been a moment when I didn't think about you. I can't understand why thinking about you always makes me cry. I'm a strong man, I have always told myself. But now when you're gone, I realize that you were my strength.

I wish I could have been the person who could keep you happy. I wish I could touch your heart once again as I did once upon a time. I wish you had never gone. I wish you were here. I wish you loved me. I wish all my wishes come true. You come true. We come true.

- Excerpt from the ongoing third book.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jagjit Singhji

It has been a very sad day for me. Jagjit Singhji has been the most integral part of my upbringing. There has never been a day when his ghazals didn't resonate in my ears. My father, being an ardent Jagjit Singh follower, reveres him like God and has been lucky enough to have met the legend over 2-3 times. My father sings Jagjitji's ghazals and his voice resembles Jagjit Ji so much that when I moved to Delhi or abroad during my internship and used to listen to Jagjitji's songs, I used to miss my father a lot. In 2009 when I was in Glasgow, I broke into tears for 30 minutes(yes! the longest sob of my lifetime) after hearing Jagjit Singh's "Kabhi Khamosh Baithoge, Kabhi gungunaoge. Main itna yaad aunga, mujhe jitna bhulaoge." I was missing my father. 

 I have been lucky to have heard all his songs, all his concerts videos and I'm so thankful to my father for having admired a person of Jagjitji's calibre and introducing me to him. Recently, on 3rd Sept he was to perform with Ustad Ghulam Ali saheb at the Talkatora stadium in Delhi and I could not find a pass. Fever 104 FM was distributing free passes to those who submitted their request of songs for the legends for the event and I so much wanted to go that I sent them around 40 SMSes giving 40 different songs of Jagjit ji, but unfortunately Fever had no knowledge of my irresistible urge. I was irritated the whole day when I could not get the ticket. 

Today, I have lost a father like figure, who has been my company in happiness or sorrow alike, whose mere appearance in Sa Re Ga Ma as a judge made us wait till the end to hear him sing, whose every casette adorns the shelves at my home, whose every song is ingrained in my memory permanently and whose inimitable charm can never die. I can never convey my admiration for him in words for introducing me to the world of philosophy, romance and child-like humour and letting me acknowledge their essence in our lives. You've been like my second father, I'll miss you.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ABC - a story

There was a boy, A. He had some problem with his friend, B. They both had a common friend, C. A thought of writing to the common friend C complaining about B and to get his help him tackle the issue, as he had full belief in him that C was just and fair.

Upon reading A's letter, C thought that the problem was trivial and he forwarded the letter to B without A's knowledge; to let B deal with it by talking to A personally. For A the problem was not trivial. For B, the letter was not trivial. Now, B got hurt, since A's letter contained complaints about B and his grievances with him. C wanted A and B to interact. But B was so hurt that he wanted to write a letter in reply instead. B wrote a letter listing his grievances and instead saying that A's grievances had deeply hurt B while A is shocked at the fact that C, the friend he considered would help, had unknowingly made the situation worse by forwarding the letter to B, when he should ideally have suggested a solution to A.

A is helpless and is desperate about making things right, leaving everything aside. B is angry, but I hope equally desperate to make things right. C is hurt, but A hopes that he, vested with the authority, would make things right.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Perfect Woman

Google about how to find perfect guys. You'll find numerous articles saying who to date and who not. But hardly there will be articles which could tell you what kind of girl you should date.

I take it upon myself as my responsibility to enlighten the world about what kind of girls, if they actually existed, would have been perfect for guys. The Perfect Woman. The mystery unknown. The ultimate piece of Godliness. Here they come:

  • Date a girl who is well-read: Yes, friends. Being well-read is important. Being well read doesn't mean having read all Chetan Bhagat's books. Not even 'my' kind of books(see, I'm modest!). It means having a rich taste of good books. It assures you that the girl has a taste, a preference, that she won't take shit. And if she agrees to date you, it means you're something. How's that for confidence? This also assures that she would prefer 'hi' to a 'hieeeee' whenever you meet her.
  • Date a girl who is funny: Almost sixty percent of the girls when asked what is the one quality that they would want in their dream-man, say 'sense of humour' or 'someone who would make me laugh'. While they easily pass on the difficult baton to us, since humour is, by no means, an ordinary talent; they forget to realize that even a man could desire some fun. Now don't twist your head, I'm not talking that kind of fun. In this multitude of sentimentality, it's a rarity to find a 'sense of humour' in the fairer sex, however keep your eyes open. Some woman with the fragrance of nitrous oxide might pass by. That's laughing gas, dumb-bash! (pardon my pathetic sense of humour!)
  • Date a girl who is not-so-gorgeous: While most of us desire, and at some level, even fantasize about dating gorgeous girls, but let me tell you, almost 99% of them are very fussy. They'll make your life hell. Trust my experience. A not-so-gorgeous girl is perfect. She would listen to you, treat you like a teddy bear rather than a pet dog and you could make even your friends with gorgeous-girlfriends jealous by letting them know how teddy-bearish you feel like. 
  • Date a girl who has an ambition: Now this may sound preachy but it pays in the long run. The woman must have something other than you, gossiping  and shopping to keep her busy with. It might be a desire to become a paragon in cooking, teaching, business or writing misandrist blogs. Or even changing the country. Ambition. It's a prerequisite, gives you breathing space and keeps her happy without extra effort on your part. Also, in case you happen to be a total sucker, this would run your home!
  • Date a girl who is cool: This is very important. They should be cool with everything except three or more some. Yes, if she gets over-protective or over-concerned for you, just tell her to get lost since  you already have your Mom for such cute things. How would you ascertain on your first date that she's cool? Well, this is a tough nut to crack. But I've a trick. Tell her that you don't like her and check her reaction. If she is cool, she would remain cool. And if she's not, then make sure you know the nearest hospital around.
  • Date a girl who likes you, rather than admire you: Liking doesn't require a reason. Admiration does. Admiration creates walls, makes you larger than life. Liking breaks walls, makes the liker likable. Admiration is for your qualities, liking is for you. I'm assuming that you're not a total loser.  Pardon me if I erred. Did you like this piece of advice? Now you can like my facebook page!
  • Once, for few days, date a girl who is rich and spoilt: This is guy's side of the story. There is no such thing as free lunch for only those who haven't seen this side of the world. Always manage to date at least one rich girl, with a big car and a Louis Vuitton purse, so that later you could tell your grandson that you were nothing less than a Superman when you were young. Tell your chunnu-munnus about how you once dated a hot chick, who had a Beetle and who smoked pot, and dumped her when you got bored of her concern about the greenery in her purse rather than redness of your cheeks; and married their Dadi. If you are not a celeb like me right now, just follow this advice, you'll have a young fan following in your old age. Just make sure that the Dadi that you find for your grandchildren was more spoilt than the Beetle wali, else your Superman chaddi utar jaegi.
  • Date a girl who is not too senti-menti: It's a heart-breaking statement but yes, a hefty percentage of girls are sentimental cry-babies. If you're a girl and you get offended by this, you clearly know what I mean. Such girls spend the majority of their time drooling over some random crush of theirs, who might be already committed; getting fascinated by some random celebrity so much that even dreams are 'haunted' by them; getting all emotional about some random crap that some lunatic guy said about their weight or dressing style and in worst cases, for not being able to share bitchy stories about their acquaintances to their friends. Date a girl who's opposite of all these, who sheds tears only when she cuts onions and you cook!
  • Date a girl who's got some talent: Talents are interesting. Encourage her to pursue them. Make sure that she never ever gives them up because of any reason whatsoever. Appreciate her. It'll make her happy with herself and in turn, make you happy and proud. And nothing is greater than happiness, i.e. me: Harsh. Thank you. Now you can clap. 
And thus I enlist all my fantasies into one blogpost. If you're a woman having all these qualities, feel free to reach me at: I'll fix up a date. With the perfect man. :)

If you feel this article can be valuable to the 'man'kind, do share.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Unanswered Questions

As a matter of fact, there have been many questions that I'd been asked as a writer, which I never really answered. Now awaiting my second book's launch, I want to tell you how I really feel about myself as a writer.

As an author of a book, the kind of book - a campus based love story - I feel a bit dejected that I couldn't launch myself as an author known for writing a masterpiece. Regarding my books, I consider them  interesting racy reads, targeting a special segment of people - the people who are looking to attain pleasure in the form of fun from the book. My books have no literary giveaway or social message. It's just a fast-paced love-story mixed with a comedy of errors, giving a good dose of entertainment to the reader, if he's in a receptive mood. For readers with a literary bent of mind or those who read for enrichment of their ideologies, my book will pass as an average or even an insipid read. As a matter of fact, I myself have completely stopped reading any such works, by young authors like me, since I get too judgmental and instead of enjoying the book, I waste my time in getting exasperated with the author.

But come here and look at the positive side - if I had waited to write the so-called 'outstanding' book before publishing, it would have taken me at least 4-5 years to evolve as a writer by reading, learning and exposing myself to the art to be able to churn out a masterpiece and in the meanwhile, I might have given up writing. Even if I'd continued, I would have missed 4-5 years of experience as an author and the assurance of getting published any day I wish, which happens to be the greatest push for me to experiment with my writing. Not only that, I would have missed around 1 lac loyal readers and I would have missed tens of thousands of mails and constructive criticisms to help me learn what a reader wants. And even if I wrote an outstanding book later on, I would have always repented of not having started earlier. Also, as a matter of fact, masterpieces don't sell - you would be surprised to know that my first book has sold more copies in India than Salman Rushdie's last book Enchantress of Florence.

So let it be. The first book - at the age of 18 - as just being the witness of my first big leap of faith to foray into something that was way beyond my wildest dreams and eventually getting published, consistently selling around 30k copies in 2 years, interacting with over two thousands readers from across the globe and then coming up with a sequel and currently working on the sequel to the sequel. It's much more than awesome. It's actually the best thing that happened to me, ever. I might have started my writing career with a cliched novel but it gives me immense faith and grit to paint my tomorrow as a serious fiction writer and look forward to become a full-time writer someday after I publish my masterpiece.

My first or second book aren't the books which my father could proudly present to his boss saying that his son has written it, they aren't the books which will win me awards, they aren't the books which will make me super rich, but they are the books - the little milestones in my writing life - that'll one day bring me all those things. And I'm really glad that it happened. Amen.

P.S. And guess what, it's paying my bills currently, as I'm immersed in full-time travel.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


My next 10 years, prospective book titles:
  1. Oops trilogy - Light fiction
  2. Graffiti - short-story collection
  3. 365 Days - Fiction, book of tweets, more like a play
  4. The Book - A love story
  5. As I'll Die in Sometime - Thriller, Dark
  6. Abdul - Fiction
  7. Tale of a plot - Novella
  8. Mother - Fiction, Dark
  9. The Last Book - Fiction
  10. Coma, Comma - Novella
  11. The Muddleheaded Prime Minister - Satire
  12. Coffee? - A romantic play

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Experiences. Past three months.

Often comes a time, when things start crumbling and everything starts falling apart. It only awaits a new beginning. In the last three months, things in my life have been greatly influenced and changed, owing to diverse reasons and I've certainly started to identify myself more as a person in synergy with the new age of activism. I'm a different person now. Earlier my purpose of existence was entertainment, more precisely self-entertainment via several sources such as writing, music, reading etc. Now it has changed. I've evolved as an activist now and want to champion the causes that I feel passionate for. I wish to utilise all my talents together to bring a change in issues that bother me and society on a whole. In this regard, I've come to realize that writing and networking are the two ultimate weapon for creating a revolution and I feel really grateful to God to pursue the two.

I want to share some amazing things that I've come across and been involved with in the last two months.

Social media creativity and activism
  • Diary of a SLUT - I came across this article on the day it was written, since I happened to personally know the writer. And without any effort on the writer's part, this article has gone viral, just because of the content and the power in her cause. Her mission has been read by 10000 people and amplified by over 2000 people across the globe, in just 15 days, without any pass-it-on-otherwise-it-will-bring-bad-luck tactic.
  • Let's do ABCD during convocation - A movement to bring a change in the convocation tradition of IIT Delhi, to change the prevailing decreasing CGPA order to call out names to alphabetical order. It sparked off with just a status message and within four days got the support of more than 450 IIT students and alumnis. The petition has been placed in front of Director and his response is awaited.
  • Get well soon, Mr. ABC - We participated in a prominent B-plan competition and won the 2nd prize. Unfortunately, we never received the prize. That prompted me to take use of the social media to bring out the corruption of such a reputed college and forewarn the prospective candidates from appearing. I wrote to the organizer for over a dozen of times but no response came, when ultimately I'd to resort to the use of social media. And it proved effective. I just sent this incomplete letter to the Overall Coordinator, and told him that I'm going to make it public after the next three days. One day later, my account was credited with the required amount.
  • The Lazy Writer's Competition -I launched this competition to crowdsource the title of my novel. I managed my own PR and through twitter and social engines popularized the competition. During this process, many of my interviews were published and a wonderful response was seen from my readers and bloggers likewise. It was an enchanting feeling and ultimately I even found out the title from amongst the submitted titles.
  • 365 Days - my fourth book - is a book full of tweets. The social bug caught me. I thought of utilising my time spent on the social media and began writing this book. Unfortunately, I've stopped in between for quite sometime now. Will resume as soon as I get time.
Effect of information
  • Auto-wala - All the Delhiites, if you're tired of the rampant rates charged by the autowallas, then note this number: 01142400400. The moment I came to know that there exists a complain no. if the Delhi autowallah charges more than the meter rate, I exercised it incessantly. I've lodged a complaint of about 12 autowalas and haven't paid a penny extra since then.
  • RTI - Another important right in the hands of the common man. I'm going to file an RTI against DTU, in case they don't give us our prize, which we won in a B-plan competition. We are tired of mailing.
Graduation. New Home. New Activities
  • I found a fully furnished 2BHK flat in Malviya Nagar. It's good, independent, airy and shabby - come on what would do you expect of bachelors from IIT. It's a home cum office. My landlord is an entrepreneur himself, check out
  • I tried nude photography. Don't ask me who was the model! ;)
  • - I won't say anything about it. Check it yourself. My child has grown big and has become quite famous.
  • I wrote to Anurag Kashyap relating to him one of my novel's plots. He's yet to respond. Perhaps he won't.
  • I'm single. Yes, you can try your luck. :P
Good day.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On the movement called ABCD

It all started when I talked to one of my favorite seniors, Ashish Kushwaha, around 15 days ago. He related to me that they will be calling us in the order of decreasing CGPA during convocation. I was disturbed when I got to know this. I just couldn't help myself visualizing the sad face of my parents when they would've waited seeing more than half of my department-mates collecting their degrees, to catch a glimpse of me. I could see them feeling a bit discontented at the public display of my inferiority in front of others. It's not that they don't have trust in me or they don't support what I'm doing; it's just that, much like every other parent, they expect me to outperform everyone in everything I do. Well, that's justified on their part, after all they have put so much hard work on me and I'd been, much like every other IITian, one such student in the past. The feeling of disappointment clouded my mind for two days.

The feeling subsided, the anger dissolved. Some days later, I received a mail regarding convocation procedure, from the IIT administration. When I went through the procedure which involved rehearsals, I lost my mind, on the fact that the same feeling was going to be pushed through my vein not once, but twice. I was utterly frenzied and in a split moment, I updated my status message with a self-pacifying, impulsive, condescending status message, which looked like this:

The angry status update caught immediate attention from people around. Within 10 minutes, our very dear Saurabh Gupta, IR #1, commented on the status saying that he too was against this. His one comment provided me enough impetus to take steps to get rid of the damn thing! I created the google form and shared it on my FB profile. And soon, it spread like fire. My friend, Vikas Prajapati, being the first one to ignite the movement. I was amazed to see the support and response. 180 responses in 12 hours, 320 in 24, 435 in 48 hours. Every time when I think about how it has turned out, I get thrilled. A viral movement within IIT has been instigated on just one angry note. Anger, if directed towards a right cause, can actually bring a positive change(let's hope so).

Saurabh Gupta - the inspiration, Vikas Prajapati - the first supporter and I are going to meet the Dean, UGS; once I return back to Delhi on 4th July to take the matter further. I'm thankful to all the supporters, I just hope that the administration understands our cause and embraces a positive change, which is fair and just to everyone.

And regarding all the academic performers who are concerned, you don't need to worry - they specially award the best academic performers, after the degree has been conferred. Cheers to your academic excellence.

P.S. Please take no offence of the status message, since it was impulsive and self-pacifying, for I felt bad. Geeks are talented. Even Zuckerberg was one, who made this little viral movement of ours possible.

NOTE: the DNA of IIT has changed. From 2012, they started calling students in alphabetical order. Our little movement registered its effect. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Suicide Letter

I wanted to share this intense letter that I came across with all of you. Check this out and please share with everyone to make her mission possible: The Suicide Letter

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm a teacher, finally

P.S. Bootstrapped as an entrepreneur, it's time to get all my talents together to pay my bills! You'll find many such posters stuck in the Malviya Nagar area.
P.S. I always wanted to teach someday. Thanks to entrepreneurship, my dream has come true.
P.S. Sorry for hiding the number. I didn't want to make it public. You know, I'm such a girl!

Friday, June 3, 2011

365 Days


In 2008, when a 21 year old Indian girl, born and brought up in Delhi, suddenly finds herself away from her country in a completely foreign land, she gets completely terrified. She has not been an outgoing person in her previous avatar and the very thought of adapting in her new city, Glasgow, makes her feet run cold. Upon recommendation from an acquaintance, she joins twitter, in hope to find something new, something worthwhile to spend her lonely time with. But stark loneliness finds her. At first, she's haunted. But she starts liking it.

Twitter becomes her diary as her life unfolds and she comes across people, who make her journey worthy. She finds friends. She finds fiends. She finds love. She finds betrayal. She finds solitude. She finds loneliness. She finds addiction. She finds boredom.
She finds what she wanted to discover when she discovers what you want her to discover.
And thus, she finds herself.

And there's more, that she awaits, in her next '365 Days'.

I'd been restless. Restless to write something outstanding. That's how I met Ziyana.

It had been days since I experimented with writing. I wanted to experiment, explore new plots and new ways of story-telling. Thankfully today, I've got an idea. I'd this plan of writing a book about 365 days of a girl's life in a completely new city. Today, I got a fresh way to put forward her story. Through twitter.

I'll be penning down her story, which I don't know how it will unfold since I don't have a clear end in my mind, but I've kept it open for people like you, to influence her life. I've created a new twitter account with her name and I've started penning down her story. We(She and I) are waiting for something interesting to come up and give her a direction to move forward on that solitary road. She doesn't want too much attention, so I've not made her id public but with time, as her guardian, I would allow people who show interest get in touch with her, to know more about her and if they're impactful, they could influence her life's trajectory. The book will just be a book full of tweets, closely interlinked with each other to make a compelling story.

Being hooked to the social media, I expect to complete the book in less than a month's time since it requires more or less around 100 tweets a day, which is around one hour job. Let's hope it turns out to be as exciting as I'm hoping it to be.

P.S. Tweet to me @harshsnehanshu, to know about Ziyana's whereabouts!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Name my child...

Hello friends,

It brings me immense pleasure to unravel the synopsis of my next book. Please go through it.

They were far away. They had been coercively separated. Half a world apart. He was in India, while she in US. Some say that long distance relationships do not work. They knew just one thing: love works. And they possessed just one asset: hope.

It worked for them, even without knowing about each other for weeks, even without hearing each other's voice for months, even without seeing each other's face for almost half a year. Six months after they were separated, she was coming back to India for just a week. Their excitement touched the pinnacle of joy, in hope that their timeless wait was going to be over the moment they would behold each other's light, their life would see a new morning of togetherness, their joy would make them cry like never before.

But unfortunately, it doesn't work this time.

Love fails. Hope survives. Or vice-versa?

What happens next? Come and find out yourself in the continuing story of Kanav and Tanya....

With time, a writer evolves. Though, this novel touches the ticklish spot in you as well as the previous one could, with various witty romantic conversations, hilarious events, rare nerdy descriptions and scandalous revelations; this one also contains many moments of introspection, such as - the discovery of passion, the impact of 'cool' parents, the importance of faith and the meaning of respect - portrayed through numerous conversations, diary entries and poems; written to give you a takeaway which could strike a deeper chord with you.

About the title that I'm expecting from you, some guidelines:
  • It should be less than 20 characters long.
  • It should be in proper English; no shorthands, no Hindi
  • Should have a subtitle, which completes and complements the title
  • Preferred: Witty title, that could make a reader hold on to the book at first go.
  • If you've some other idea, feel free to propose.
  • It should be 100% original.
  • No plagiarized titles supported.
How it'll work:
  • You post the title of your desire on the fanpage.
  • To give a fair chance for everyone to get voted, every alternate day, I'll upload a jpeg version of all the posted titles on my fanpage, with your name attached to it.
  • As more and more people like it, your chance to get selected increases

Disclaimer: In the end, my publisher should approve of the title. In case he doesn't, I'll be forced to consider some other title. However, the winner will get acknowledged and get the promised personally signed copies.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dedicated to your smile

It took me almost a year to complete my second book. I've started writing it in June, last year. I made all of my readers wait a lot, for which I'm not sorry. But what I'm really sorry about is giving false hopes about the time when it will get published. I had been over optimistic that I would be able to complete it quite fast, but alas, it took a long time.

Unlike my first book, which was completed in three months, owing to my newly found passion for story-telling, this book took more time. I don't want to give excuses but I realize that writing could happen best when the mind is uncluttered. Over the last one year, I'd been really involved in my start-up, and as a result I hardly ever had an uncluttered mind. Now that I'm done with the sequel, I feel immensely relieved and happy. First, the long wait is over. Secondly, I'm happy with how it turned out. I've experimented with some nuances of story telling that I've learnt as a writer in the last two years, such as embedding different forms of writing such as a poetry, one-liner, verses, letters, diaries, emails, chats and SMSes together, which proved difficult considering the gap in flow that occurs while reading. I am happy that I could embed them almost perfectly in the storyline. I began the sequel with the motive to finish Kanav-Tanya's story with this book, but as it turns out, their story needs another book to get completed, making it a trilogy. There were too many sequences to fit into just one book.

Though after writing my first book, I thought of writing a serious book, but when I began writing a serious book, I realized that though my thinking has matured to think of complex and dark plots, I needed a lot of reading before justifying its writing. So I decided to take a break from ambitious literary writing and decided to first test myself on the familiar grounds before venturing further. The most amazing experience while writing humour is the moment when I burst out laughing while reading what I had written. Writing is entertaining, you know. But I wait for the day, when reading what I've written would make me cry. That'll be the day will I actually consider myself a complete writer.

This book is special, because it came out of nowhere. It touches just one fourth of the plot that I had initially planned for the sequel. But, it's complete in its own. Though it would require you to read my first book to get familiar with the characters, but even without reading the first book, by the end, you would get the hang of the entire story. I've not named it currently, since I've a social media marketing campaign in my mind, where I would invite titles from my readers. I've included some of the interesting Kanav-Tanya conversations that I've been putting up all the while on my fanpage in the book, to let the reader enjoy the slapstick witty humour that paint their romantic lives.

The book has been divided into three parts, in much like a story form:
1. The Beginning,
2. The Middle, and
3. The End

There are a lot of long interesting conversations in the book, conversation being the thing I think I'm good at, I've tried exploring new avenues. For example - slapstick conversation, witty, sarcastic, a quarrel, an emotional one and even a drunken one.

Here goes my favorite line from the book:
No monk would sell his ferrari, without making out in its backseat.

Hope you've a good time reading the book, it's supposed to come in two months at max. I've dedicated it to your smile, in hope to sustain it throughout the book.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Dream Girl

When it comes to me imagining what my dream girl should be like, there always comes an image of a girl who's passionate, caring and independent. These three adjectives are all that I want in my dream girl. I've not mentioned that she should be beautiful. Do you know why? Because those three qualities would make her the most beautiful woman in my life.

Now, coming to the explanation part.

Why passionate?
-> Because only then will she understand me and I'll understand her.
-> Because she'll have something else, other than me, in her life to make her life worth living.

Why caring?
-> What's love, without fun and care. What's life, with nobody to share.
-> Care is not about preventing me from falling down, but it's about standing by my side and encouraging me to stand up.

Why independent? Not only financially, but mentally as well.
-> Because I'm a lazy dog and I hate responsibility. Okay, on a serious note, because I'm a mortal.
-> Because I want to respect her for what she is, not what she gives. I want to respect her self-respect.
-> Because I want her to learn life the hard way, along with me, so that we can understand each other better and live life fully.

Now, why all the three?
Because, that's what my mother is like.
Because, that's what she is like.
Because, that's what I admire.

Friday, April 8, 2011


This world cup season, I had been amazingly involved in cricket, the habit that thankfully I caught through my activity on twitter. I’m really hopeful that India is going to win this time and I want to share the witty and emotional journey that my thought-process went through in the process. I present some of my own commentaries on the past cricket matches, starting chronologically:


  • No work and no play makes Sreesanth a millionaire.
  • Arindam Chaudhari, inspired by Dhoni, cuts his ponytail. He was seen wearing a T-shirt saying, 'Dare to think beyond Sachin.'
  • Piyush Chawla donates half of his won money to Sreesanth, for shifting the attention of critics towards himself.
  • Dhoni has made a bet to his friend that he would bring the WC without scoring more than ten runs in any match. Well, that’s called confidence.
  • Yuvraj says his lack of form in the past few months was just a tactic to get rid of Deepika. Now, he is eyeing Sheila!
  • Ponting goes back home, is welcomed by his wife, who says, ‘Fuck off! I’m marrying Yuvi.’
  • Munaf signed by Gillette as their Brand Ambassador. His recent tweet said ‘Not taking bath since months finally paid off.’
  • India wins. Nehra is thinking, ‘They were right, it was really me.’ #againstWI
  • A: Dhoni played politics by sending Nehra for the last over, he wanted him out.
    B: Do you realize that even Nehra wanted that!
  • Bangladeshi crowd is feeling jealous. They are cursing their grandfathers for not choosing Pakistan during the partition.
  • After Ind vs SA match, Dabur Amla is changing its tagline. Their new tagline goes like this: Asli Amla, Hashim Amla. B-)

Look what Mr. Lee is upto! No doubt he’s a bowler…and our Yuvi, busted his balls!


India vs Pak
  • Come on India, you got to buck up. If not for us, at least win this match for Poonam Pandey's fans. #mohali

India vs Australia
  • India will be facing Pakistan in Mohali. Let there be war!
  • Let’s give a nice farewell to Ponting. Let’s make him Nehra for one day!
  • Bharat mata ki … jai! Australia ki mata ki ________!
  • Mujhe Ponting ko dekh kar ab to aur bhi zyada Hussey aa rhi hai!
  • Ricky Ponting’s ton failed to get noticed in the land of master of tons.
  • When it comes to Tendulkar, a bat is mightier than a sword.

India vs WI
  • @Indian Team – Make sure that you don’t make me cry – ‘Holi Shit!’
  • Our Indian players seem bored of cricket, they’re so desperate to end every match as soon as possible
  • India is playing a good host. Setting up an example by practicing the philosophy of atithi devo bhav.
  • I’m watching Dhoom 2. Even Uday Chopra looks tolerable when compared to the Indian cricket team.
  • @Uday Chopra – You suck! Indian team gets the game back.
  • WI wiped out. That’s what happens when you ask West Indians to play in the East India.
  • West Indies team made a Nehra out of themselves.

Australia vs Pakistan
  • Razzaq to Brett Lee after the last over of the innings, ‘Beta, maine teri le LEE!’

England vs SA
  • England : they rock when they suck!

India vs SA
  • Don’t feel bad if people go gaga on the social network when India loses. That actually prevents violence – not only against players but also against TV sets.
  • Nehra is trending on TWITTER. We know who the man of the match is.
  • Nehra, after four dot balls in a row, got struck for a boundary. SA believes in tat for teeth!
  • India is all about diversity. A man scores a hundred runs, ten men take rest

England vs WI
  • This is the first time I’m feeling good for England. After the pathetic Patiala House, they finally attained something good in India.

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Monday, March 21, 2011


Find me here, find me there
The world is too big to scan
When you find me, you would hear
That, it was all part of a plan!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

ENNUI - On Present

I'm having a funny phase in my writing life. I'm at my creative best when it comes to wits, observations and conversational humour, but I'm facing a difficult time sitting and completing my novel. The reason, that I feel to be responsible behind this is the fact that while writing the novel, I'm lacking attention - not from my side but from the other side. I'm not sharing what I'm writing with anyone even though I desperately want to share, just because I want to complete it first, since I would not be doing justice to my creation or to my readers' eagerness by sharing just a small portion with them. I'm facing a writer's block, a rather strange one, where creativity is not restricted but perseverence is.

The end result is that I'm writing such meaningless notes, which tend to convey some meaning but actually conveys that I'm perplexed and weird - which has some meaning, but it's utterly useless to me, since I already know it. I don't know what I'm writing but I am noticing that I speak when I write and that's quite pleasing since I can notice that I can type at the speed at which I speak, which can be hell fast at times. I'm listening to a song called 'Another Day in Paradise' by Phil Collins. It's a simple 90s english song which has more of synth and less of guitars and drums. Phil Collins has a typical 90s voice, which seems similar to the commentator of WWE. The tune of the song is uncomplicated, fittingly romantic and the drum-beats remind me that it's based on the most basic beat that one learns in drumming. I also realize that such beats are available in almost all the versions of synthesizers, generally in the first ten of the 'style' beats with the name of '8 beat pop'. However utterly meaningless it may be, I'm wondering that you still are reading it with the hope that there will be something that would be interesting somewhere, whereas the matter of the fact is that it is, if you realize that I'm just writing what comes in my mind to break the block that I'm facing. It's called free writing. I don't know whether it works or not, because when earlier I tried it, I came up with a story called 'The Wait' in my blog 'Graffiti' and I was quite happy with the outcome. Presently, it's more about the present. The song has changed to 'Depend on me' by Bryan Adams. I like him, because he's sung some of the nicest romantic songs I've ever heard, my favorite being 'Have you ever really loved a woman?' I like it because I have. However, in this free flowing writing, I better should not spill my life's story, since writing an autobiography now after breaking this writing block is not my intention.

One thing that strikes my mind right now is the feeling of being good at something. It's an amazing feeling when you realize that you're really good at something. The feeling doesn't emerge from the fact that others like you, but rather, it emerges from the fact that you start liking yourself. When you feel your status messages are worthy of being preserved, when you feel the tunes in your head are worthy of being recorded, the feeling of having an idea worth pursuing and the feeling of a person worth sharing your life with just because you're good at making him/her happy; these are some of the most enchanting moments one would ever encounter. I feel good to feel good about something that I do, something that I am capable of doing. As a matter of truth, I also believe that no great thing can ever be achieved without that good feeling from within. I'm feeling good right now, since I'm actually in now, with Jagjit Singh's wonderful voice singing 'Kabhi yun bhi to ho' in the background. I like music. I like writing. And I like living. I think that's my dose of free writing, it's time to get back to the task waiting to reach its end, time to tell the story, time to live another world - within a book.

Good night. Thanks for listening. :)

Friday, March 4, 2011


An excerpt from the book under construction. Hope you like it.

'Another self-dominated diary entry got trapped between the heavy bundle of pages above it. There weren’t many pages left below to fight back the burden above. The page, carrying the helpless scribble of a struggling artist, succumbed to the weight and got immersed in gruesome darkness. The darkness that needed another sunrise of hope to relinquish itself.'

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

That Little Town

Once upon a time, there was a little town. It was a place where inhabitants were more popular than landmarks, where being social was a part of living, where people were satisfied with whatever little they possessed, where the status of a person was determined by his grace rather than his assets, where being cordial was not a necessity but a habit, where good food was meant to be shared with all the known persons, where a cricket ball hitting a window pane would instigate reprimand but not duels. I used to live in one such town. It was little, much like a cocoon, with a world of its own, away from the world that was outside.

The world is no more the same. It has changed. They say that change is good. But I could never accept it. My little town has been polluted. Polluted with jealousy, greed and amoralilty. In the race of being modernized, the cocoon that gave my little town its life, has been vandalized. Where has the belongingness gone? Why the neighbours who were earlier considered as 'Uncles' and 'Aunts' are now no more than 'people of Flat No. 121'? Why achievements have become more important than happiness? I miss my little town. Sometimes, I feel it to be illusionary, a figment of my imagination, maybe my childish sensibility couldn't unravel the stratas of the hidden feelings that lay beneath that superficial affection. Or maybe, the world indeed has changed. Change, that's not good. Not good at all. Amen.

They tried to change. They have changed.
They didn't try to change. They got changed.
They resisted change. They were changed.
They were dumb. They haven't changed.

P.S. Well, I'm dumb. Like it, only if you're dumb too.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Ending

There is a reason why people like a happy ending. It makes you feel good, despite all the struggles that occurred before.

I've had a happy ending. The end is paving way to a new beginning, where things would turn different. Not that I want things to change, but I can't help the fact that they themselves are changing.

P.S. I like my state. It's called singlehood.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On indifference

I am not the same person that I used to be when I migrated from my hometown to Delhi. I've changed. I used to be a shy, self-conscious, opinionated, rigid and determined nerd who had an opinion about every single thing in this universe, who disliked things which didn't fit in his rationale. Now, I'm sort of detached to majority of the things in this universe. It's not that I've stopped caring, it's just that I've regulated things that I care about. You may call that I've become selfish.

Being selfish has its own pros and cons. It makes you focussed about your ambitions, but at the same time it makes you indifferent to majority of things which others think should bother you. The end result is that you unconsciously might end up hurting people - not by doing anything, but rather by doing nothing. Initially, people expect you to respond to things that you're indifferent about. But when they don't get the desired response, they feel bad and stop expecting. You get what you want - no expectations from you and they get to know what they should expect from you - no response. The end result is a different kind of freedom, which seems solitude at first and becomes loneliness later. Because when you come out of your ocean of self, you realize that there is nobody around to share your 'self' with. Your indifference becomes the cause of your desolation and thus, indifference gestating inside you gives birth to its offspring - depression.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Dear Mother

Dear Mother,

I've been fortunate to be the reason for your happiness since my early childhood. Perhaps that's why you named me Harsh. It has always been my endeavour to make you proud of me in things that I give my heart and soul into. Lately, I haven't been able to give you that contentment which you had always expected of me. I'm not sorry about it since the truth of the matter is that the thing that I've given my heart and soul has still not borne fruits and is going to take a long time. And you've got to wait, along with me, to celebrate the fruits of my passion.

The road that I've currently chosen is tough, full of prickles and deadly thorns, with the presence of countless possibilities - both heartening and disheartening. It's going to take a lot of time to be able to achieve anything which would make you proud of me, which would enable you to say proudly to your friends that your son is an entrepreneur, that your son pursued something different and made a mark of himself. The road is deadly; it might be possible that in the middle of the journey, I get so bruised up that I am not able to carry myself further. Forgive me, if that happens. The road is treacherous; it might be possible that at the end of the day, I sit back and realize that I've made tons of mistakes that I shouldn't have. Reinforce my faith, if that happens. Because it was you who taught me not to fear mistakes while chasing my dreams. I wouldn't stop. The road is unknown; it's possible that at the end of the day I realize that the road was not worth going into and I've to crawl back to the place where I began. Congratulate me on my experience, if that happens. I know that my path is risky. But that's what excites me. That's what gives me a thrill. That's what tells me the meaning of this life. That's what I attain bliss from. And that's what defines me.

Believe me mother, when I say that I heartily enjoy what I'm doing, despite knowing the facts that I might not be able to lead a comfortable life for the next two years, that I've become the least prospective bridegroom in consideration for any of the well-off families, that you have to fight the whims of the society which constantly pesters saying that I had been stupid in choosing the road less travelled over the conventional options, that it might ruin my chances of living a life free from hassles, that I might end up being bankrupt if things don't turn out as expected. The good thing is I'm not scared. The better thing is there is no bad thing, just because of the good thing. I'm ready to take the leap - leap into the unknown just to know where my end lies - across the sky or beneath the ground. I can't promise you success but I can promise you my hard-work, and I'll make sure that I leave no stones unturned to touch my dream to perfection.

Coming from your womb, I'm fortunate to be endowed with all your traits - determination, passion and love - which gives me the confidence to trudge this dangerous path with unmatched vigour and resilience to make the impossible possible. From my end, I can assure you that I wouldn't stop, not until my last breath - to sculpt my passion into a living icon. Please don't worry, and be happy, just because I'm happy.

With love and faith.

Your Son

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Those words, simple yet appealing
Touched my heart, the heart that was yours
It was a promise
That was to be kept, forever

Life had a reason
A reason to love, live and love again
It was a promise
That was to be kept, forever

Emotions meandered and meandered,
Until, it entered a road of bliss -
It was a promise
That was to be kept, forever

I thought, I felt and I believed
We were destined to be together
It was a promise
That was to be kept, forever

I thought you were to keep it.
You thought I were. The result was -
It remained a promise
That was to be kept, forever