Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jagjit Singhji

It has been a very sad day for me. Jagjit Singhji has been the most integral part of my upbringing. There has never been a day when his ghazals didn't resonate in my ears. My father, being an ardent Jagjit Singh follower, reveres him like God and has been lucky enough to have met the legend over 2-3 times. My father sings Jagjitji's ghazals and his voice resembles Jagjit Ji so much that when I moved to Delhi or abroad during my internship and used to listen to Jagjitji's songs, I used to miss my father a lot. In 2009 when I was in Glasgow, I broke into tears for 30 minutes(yes! the longest sob of my lifetime) after hearing Jagjit Singh's "Kabhi Khamosh Baithoge, Kabhi gungunaoge. Main itna yaad aunga, mujhe jitna bhulaoge." I was missing my father. 

 I have been lucky to have heard all his songs, all his concerts videos and I'm so thankful to my father for having admired a person of Jagjitji's calibre and introducing me to him. Recently, on 3rd Sept he was to perform with Ustad Ghulam Ali saheb at the Talkatora stadium in Delhi and I could not find a pass. Fever 104 FM was distributing free passes to those who submitted their request of songs for the legends for the event and I so much wanted to go that I sent them around 40 SMSes giving 40 different songs of Jagjit ji, but unfortunately Fever had no knowledge of my irresistible urge. I was irritated the whole day when I could not get the ticket. 

Today, I have lost a father like figure, who has been my company in happiness or sorrow alike, whose mere appearance in Sa Re Ga Ma as a judge made us wait till the end to hear him sing, whose every casette adorns the shelves at my home, whose every song is ingrained in my memory permanently and whose inimitable charm can never die. I can never convey my admiration for him in words for introducing me to the world of philosophy, romance and child-like humour and letting me acknowledge their essence in our lives. You've been like my second father, I'll miss you.


Gaurav Chandra said...

i don't know whether i have the caliber to say some word about him but truely we lost a person who's been giving thousands of emotions through his voice. I'll miss him too..

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