Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ABC - a story

There was a boy, A. He had some problem with his friend, B. They both had a common friend, C. A thought of writing to the common friend C complaining about B and to get his help him tackle the issue, as he had full belief in him that C was just and fair.

Upon reading A's letter, C thought that the problem was trivial and he forwarded the letter to B without A's knowledge; to let B deal with it by talking to A personally. For A the problem was not trivial. For B, the letter was not trivial. Now, B got hurt, since A's letter contained complaints about B and his grievances with him. C wanted A and B to interact. But B was so hurt that he wanted to write a letter in reply instead. B wrote a letter listing his grievances and instead saying that A's grievances had deeply hurt B while A is shocked at the fact that C, the friend he considered would help, had unknowingly made the situation worse by forwarding the letter to B, when he should ideally have suggested a solution to A.

A is helpless and is desperate about making things right, leaving everything aside. B is angry, but I hope equally desperate to make things right. C is hurt, but A hopes that he, vested with the authority, would make things right.


Giribala said...

Life is complicated!

Raj Jewalia said...

everything is nothing for life

anjani said...

3rd person always creates confusion and makes the situation more difficult..

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