Thursday, December 15, 2011

I have so many blogger friends. And it was really surprising to me when an avid blogger, who has been in my friend list for over a year and who has been following fanpage on facebook for a long time asked me what it was all about.

I take this blog to answer what is all about.

  • Firstly, it's a creative networking website
    • A website where creativity acts as a bridge to connect people. Unlike social network, where people connect via their already existing contacts, a creative network is where creativity of the person is responsible for expanding one's network. 
    • This can be elucidated by the concept of an art gallery. When you go to an art gallery and you see a painting that you like, you feel the need to connect to the artist to appreciate him/her and to follow his art-work later on in the coming future. There it's creativity of the artist that drives you to connect to him.
  • It's a platform where you can get paid for writing just one line.
    • Being a writer, I always felt that there was no platform where I could monetize my one-liners, which were good and too many in number owing to my activity on facebook and twitter.
    • If you too are an avid tweeter, one-liner writer, TWS is just the right platform for you. Post your one-liners, get recognized and get featured amongst 25 thousand people. 
    • And that's not all, every six months, fifty best one-liners would be shortlisted and would be merchandized into tees and retailed. And you get royalty. So you get paid for writing just one line.
  • It's a literary crowdsourcing website for corporate branding and advertising
    • Brands can crowdsource their literary content from our hyper-creative users by running a contest on our platform
    • They not only get the literary content, but also position and publicise their brand amongst our urban educated youth, who are the avid users of the website
    • You get awesome prizes for writing just one word or one line for the venture.
    • Currently, it's the major revenue model for the venture
Regarding the team, we are two full time people: my partner and batchmate, Apoorv Jain and I. We have over 60 part-time people being college students and around 250 campus ambassadors across India.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Personal Goals

Enough of disoriented and undisciplined life. It's time to gain back the hold. Rather than long term goals, this time I'll have December goals, I'll disclose on 1st January, how well am I on track:

This December:

  • Master PHP, Javascript and mySQL. Become the CTO of
  • Write 30,000 words. Make Kanav meet Tanya. :D
  • Solo on my elec~baby.
  • Write an insightful article on the topic that concerns me a lot: Role of Motivation in Schooling System.
  • Join Toastmasters
  • Socialize: via FED, JUDE and other great people place