Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Living God

Its 11:12 pm, we are sitting and watching TV, suddenly Mom stood up and says, “I am now going to sleep”.

She picks up the dirty plates and takes them to the sink. She brings Bournvita for us. She sits down to write a leave application for my sister. She clears the mess on the bed, arranges the bed-sheet and knots the mosquito net to its keys. She switches off the light of the drawing room and pulls the grills of the main door. She prepares for her lectures to be delivered in her college the next day and presses her salwar suit. She puts a water bottle and a tumbler near every bed and puts the mobile phones on charging. She greets us, "Good night", which we don‘t even reciprocate having been absorbed in an Arnold's action packed blockbuster. She sets the alarm to 5’o clock in the morning and sits for her night prayers. Finally, she puts on the anti-ageing cream and moisturizers on her face. With a sigh of relief, she goes to her room, turns off the light of the room and retires to bed.

Its 12:04 am, I, tired after finishing the movie, get up and announce loudly, “I am going to sleep, Good night” to which there is no response. I go to my room and blindly slide under my mosquito net and see that there is no pillow. I complain to myself, "Nobody is concerned for me, I hate this world.”


keshav said...

so touching man
maan gaye.

shweta said...

wat a wonderful portrayal of 'contrast'....very intelligently put.