Saturday, June 7, 2008

Faith :

I think that I am losing something, thats a vital component of existence and thats faith. The moment I enter a temple or any religious place I begin to question my belief, I am not able to believe in an idol. I really want to, but just the flow of faith is interrupted. There is always a doubt accompanying me at these times.

On analyzing carefully, Faith in a supreme power is necessary as well as spiritually good because :

  • It shatters the ego a big deal.
  • It makes one grateful for everything one gets, whether good or bad.
  • It marks a beginning in the power of prayers in our life. Prayers can do miracles.

These three points are totally out of my experience with people who firmly believe in GOD. I am not an atheist, rather am an agnostic, a "mean" agnostic, who does not believe in anything without logic; but I am a peculiar kind of agnostic who wants to be a Theist but can't do it. I am helpless, Can anybody suggest me a method, a course : a crash course kind of thing in FAITH Development?? Help me..

(Firm believers of God are welcome to share their experiences, I would love to read them)

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aman said...

See...first of all i myself don't believe in idol worship.But have you ever tried to think that the person you are right now is just because of that supreme power that you were talking of in your blog.
Let me clarify myself,see you might have seen some poor children,sweepers & same kind of guys who might be of the same age as you are,but they are not son of your parents ;those parents who have given you everything you wished for , supported you and stood by you every time .
Let me call that supreme power of yours by the name of god , as I usually do. God has given you these parents alongwith such a great life ,by this I mean to say that atleast you are not monetarily bound for anything.
And there are many other things that you can think of yourself ,one another thing is that you must have sometimes in your life seen a disabled person,a blind person, a person without hands or legs ,etc. Have you ever tried to feel the pain they might be suffering ,or the feeling that they might be experiencing by seeing you walking ,running,playing,enjoying
life to its fullest.Have you ever tried to thank someone,in your case the supreme power and in mine GOD that you are there where you are right now and not there where those people are whom we can say that they are in some or the other dependable on others.

So,my friend I didn't at all meant to say that you mightnot be thinking of those people ,but only that GOD has given you such a life with so-so many great facilities & resources just please don't let your faith shatter , just because you think you are an agnostic ,the person who doesnot believe on anything without logic, there are somethings in life which should thought of by keeping yourself at someone's place,thinking of things from other's point of view.
God has given a great opportunity to make this world of his a better place ,if not for anything else ,you can just have your faith in that supreme power just for thanking him.
See this was my point of view ,of worshipping that supreme power ,and yaa for sure I would like to say that I am a firm believer of GOD,and am not at all shy of telling this to you and to anybody else that I believe in something that has no logic because i believe that my faith in GOD is not bound in these words called 'LOGIC' it is much-much bigger than that and beyond any explanations.
I wouldn't like to say sorry to you for anything that I have written because I stand by it.
your friend
i hope you can guess my name