Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Scattered Thoughts :

A strange feeling slid inside me when I peeped down the roof. It was just a four-storied building and this fear of losing myself caged me from within. Coming back to my senses, I wondered for a while, why I got that eerie feeling? The fear of falling down made me so scared that I suddenly realized my existence. For the last 18 years, I never cared for my existence, I took it for granted. The bizarre thought of death never ever struck my mind. How could I die? I am here to live, to achieve, to pursue my interests... was all that I could think of...But suddenly, something more powerful than my existence, which can shake the roots of my very existence became visible i.e. DEATH. I get an abnormal sensation when I think about it.

My point is why there is much fuss about it? Are we doing such great things that death will cause some loss to the world? Nothing is indispensable. Our very existence is mere an illusion, just as someone has dipped his finger in water and the moment he withdraws his finger the water fill that space instantaneously. We are special but impermanent mortal species. Death is bound to come, its waiting for the right time. Instead of running away from it, if we welcome it with openness our lives would be the most fulfilling : because we will die happily.

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