Monday, May 26, 2008

Lock Unlocked :

There is a gift to the mankind which I have been made to realize once again by the Master. That gift can be put in the following words :

If you become passionately involved in anything for a long period of time, the lock to that thing will be made open to you.

It happened to me earlier, it happened to me from time to time, just because I passionately devoted my time to that thing. The first realization came when I was in class 2. My Uncle gifted me a globe and within two days I memorized all the countries and their capitals (just because I gave up my video games for those two days). Then came the synthesizer which I had tried my hands upon from class 8 to class 9 and suddenly one day I was astonished to see myself reproducing any song I heard. Then came the flute, it took me 3 days of gasping deep breaths to unlock its code. This gave me a confidence to pick up yet another instrument i.e. Harmonica and I unlocked its code in just an hour. But my confidence was brought to the ground level by guitar, which took me 1 year of arduous "arbit maarna" to unlock its code. In the midst of all this, something happened : I was in class 10th, and I was terrified with the subject sanskrit. I could score only 69 out of 100 in the first term examination, I started devoting much of my time in it, and then suddenly one day I fell asleep while studying it and that too for just 15 minutes. When I got up miraculously sanskrit seemed easy. It seemed somewhat familiar and simple. I don't know what exactly happened but yeah that day I became a close witness of a big mystery of nature, i.e. the key to the treasure of knowledge and learning is gifted to those who persevere in search of that treasure.

And today once again, I have unlocked a lock, that is typing rapidly without seeing the keyboard with a considerable accuracy and I am happy :).
(Why shouldn't I be? Having 4700 scraps on orkut is no small thing)


Prateek Raj said...

Hi Harsh!!

Its great to find you on blogger. It seems you are turning into a social worker!!! And you are so frequent in your posts!! Great work.

Harsh said...

Thanks Bhaiya, ur blog has been a source of inspiration for me...