Sunday, May 25, 2008

I can create a difference in their lives :

Compassion, one of the greatest virtues is intriguing me once again. This morning, this particular feeling has started pinching me, for I remember myself being judgmental for many deprived people. I remember myself getting irritated by the beggars, by the kids asking for money to feed themselves, by a malnourished 5 year old cobbler in tattered clothes who annoyed me continuously asking me, "Sir, poliss kara lo" and me chiding him,"Bhaagta hai ya maarun?".

Being in educated class, it is our duty to have a place in our hearts for these heart-swirling happenings around us. We need to be touched by all this, we cannot be so heartless and so indifferent that we don't pay attention to these. The cause of this deprivation is nothing more than their fate, they had been born to poverty-stricken family and this is not their fault at all. If we can't help them then atleast by being compassionate we can treat them as human beings. Why are we so adamant to draw boundaries between ourselves and them? Before anything to categorize us, we all are a subset of a universal superset of "Human Beings" and after that we all are citizens of the same motherland. If we help them, then it will be indirectly helping our nation to break the boundary and class divide. We have the best tool to fight this penury and deprivation and that is "LOVE". Love can win all the wars and can bring radical change in the society. Only if we respect everyone's existence on this earth, we can make our existence worthwhile.

Just a simple pledge can make a difference :
"From this day, I will not only understand the pain of the poverty-stricken but also feel that pain. My eyes will reassure hope in every needy who comes to me."


akshay gupta said...

gr8 thoughts dude...
i hope every educated person thinks like you...
keep up the gud wrk :)

Harsh said...

thanks yaar... i need fuel for ignition...ideas are many but execution requires support as well as belief in my ideas.

aman said...

hii harsh,
this is the first time that i'm visiting your blogs.
u hav really been nice in writting those thoughts on the blogs.
i just hope that many-many viewers come nd view these.see i myself hav done nothin to comment on anything, but it was really very heartening to see ur compasionate thoughts and that there r guys really think of these poverty-stricken.u hav been an inspiration for me too ....thanx for bieng so nice & a friend..keep going
and one thing-"WE WILL CHANGE THIS WORLD " kabhi isse related koi jaroorat ho to ..... i hope u understand main koi filmy dialogue nahi marna chahta