Monday, August 24, 2009

A Simple Wish

I've a simple wish
To begin each of my morning
Seeing your smile

I've a simple wish
To breathe your fragrance
From thousand miles

I can see your eyes
With my eyes closed.
I can feel your breath
When the wind flows.

I can hear your voice
In my every dream.
I can see your face
Far but still full of gleam.

I've a simple wish
To make you my music
With every passing moment

I've a simple wish
To make you laugh a thousand times
For each of the tears that went

You're the reason
For me and for everything.
You're in all the seasons
Be it winter or spring.

You're the words
That come out of my mind.
You are that little bird
Who is one of a kind

I've a simple wish
To touch the sky and the moon
With you by my side.

I've a simple wish
To live that fulfilling life soon
Which only you could provide.

Just look at me once.
And feel my love for you.
For, I've just a simple wish -
To make you joyous - with me too!

P.S. I love you.


Dhanya said...

Actually got goosebumps reading this!


pooja said...

simple sweet and beautifully expressed

surabhi said...


jayshree said...

realy beautiful :)

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