Saturday, July 19, 2008

One Night Stand

It was 3:30 am, summer of 2006. My sleep had been lost and my heart was pounding in its full excitement. For the last 4 hours I was on my bed with her. It was like a long-cherished dream come true.

Her name was Eva, that's what I used to call her lovingly, and she was Spanish. She was my first love. I had been seeing her for the last ten months. That summer, she was very kind to me, for she agreed to unravel all her secrets to me someday. And that night, her kindness was par excellence as she dissolved all my moments of wait. I still vividly recall those moments, Eva was sitting on my lap, her very touch gave me an exotic pleasure. My fingers moved all around her neck, as rapidly as they could, trying to feel her with all my senses alive.

She was astonishingly beautiful and definitely very very sexy, but that night she was looking totally different to me, the curves of her body aroused my senses. Anyone would have lost his senses after grasping that. After hanging around with her for almost 10 long months, I finally succeeded in winning her. I could not believe that all my fantasies were being fulfilled. I used to spend countless hours with her on a daily basis to pursue her to let me someday have fun with her, but she took her time in gaining her faith on me. My perseverance at last won her and she agreed to divulge her secrets to me. With her on my congested single-bed, she made it easy for me by being very cooperative. I bolted the door from inside and shut the windows, and without any further delay I began. I did all kind of hammering and bending on her and she was still supportive. She too wanted somebody to love her with all his passions, and that day I fulfilled all her desires. Touching the curves of her body was a sensation out of this world. While fondling her, my eyes remained closed while my soul danced in the music of happiness. I sang all the romantic songs I knew just for her, while she swayed her body in the melody and accompanied me.

Our fun was short-lived(game over in just 6 hours), as at 5 ‘o clock, somebody knocked the bolted door. Terrified, with her still lying on my bed, stark naked, I dared to open the door, with my exhausted fingers, having no option for her to hide.

It was my Mom, banging me with a straight-forward question, “What the hell are you doing with your door closed?”; I tried to provide the best possible explanation to stop her at the door, but she pushed me aside and entered the room to be shocked at seeing Eva lying helpless on my single bed, and that too without anything to cover her bare body. I was caught red-handed, but still I could not hide the excitement of my first night-stand.

I blushingly exclaimed to my Mom, “Mom, I was having fun with her!”, pointing to the sexy five-feet Eva with her six-strings intact and her giraffe-like long neck slimy due to the continuous friction from my hand. She was lying naked on my bed with her cover lying on the floor. However, I could not resist to notice that she was looking sexier from distance with all her curves beautifully crafted. I was looking and longing for her when my Mom pulled my ears and said, “So it was you who was making all the noise! You didn’t care that others were sleeping?” I had no answer.

I looked at Eva, but her face faced my Mom, she kept looking at my Mom with her mouth open in a circle but alas she did not have a tongue to counter my Mom's scolding.
I just smiled back at Mom because of the eternal joy I had with my first love : my first girl-friend, when she unravelled all her secrets to me. That was the time I realized that I could play any song on her as I won a special place in her heart !
I got my first real six-strings
Got it tuned and tried all the tricks
Played it till my fingers bled
It was summer of 2006
If I got the chance
I would always wanna be there
Those were the best days of my life

P.S. Dirty minds, what have you been thinking about while reading the article?
P.S. Hammering and Bending are guitar playing techniques. No need to misinterpret!
P.S. Eva is still my girlfriend, no fights and no break-ups for us : That’s what is called ETERNAL LOVE.


Mir Umar Rauf said...

i thought atlast harsh babu is going errotic. :D ..
ultimate yar... in the beginning i thought she doesnt know that you write a blog.. ;)

Harsh said...

Main erotic par jaate jaate erratic ho gaya!!!

Mrigank said...

i thot u had started wrting sum titillating is a gr8 piece of writing really....makes dirty minds like ours misconstrue it totally

Anonymous said...

From the begging only I thought this is not goin to b a girl...but i culdnt make out that it was ur guitar...all dis time..nice article...

keshav said...

tried some tricks! summer of 2006!!!
awesome mann,

sunny said...

ooooops....wen i was reading, i just cudnt believe tht it was u who did tht but at the end, i was sure tht it cud only b u who cud do tht

aman said...

hmmm,,,, nicely done but to be true i knew there would be some twist but no doubt u wrote this stuff quite convincingly,,,now 1 thing more do tell some spl person to read this one for sure :P

PALLAVI said...

mast tha but thankfully last mein koi cat nahi thi,chalo guitar tha.Hopefully u still think this way about only your guitar or..????

Saumya said...

Hmmm...a very creative,imaginative,...embarrasing for the dirty minds....with all the fantasies a great piece of writing
hats off to you..
you rock!!

Mithil said...

U almost had me there.....anyways excellent writing

juhi said...

oh God! cudn't even imagine ur ETERNAL LOVE wud turn out to b a guitar.. it was simply an amazing bit of writing!
All ur works r so very distinctly different, harsh, really..! n they're very addicting too...
u make me wanna read more n more, olwyzz...:)

Jaspreet said...

Haha!! definitely not predictable, nice choice of words there ;). You are getting better with words with every piece. :)

Sugandha said...

Don't you think it's unfair of you calling others dirty minded? :P
I thought all along if it would turn out to be a dog. Thanks for the P.S, otherwise I wouldn't have known. :P

surbhi said...

omg.. this one was the wittiest!!! i cudnt even imagine that the eternal love wud turn out to be a guitar...was quite perplexed throughout the piece of writing..the p.s. removed all the doubts!! was quite amusing!!! :D

kriti said...

it's so realistic n nicely put up.......u r bound to thnk d othr way round..........:p

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