Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The future is boring!

Three days in Patna, not enough time, but still wanted to have a glimpse of the Miss World of the past and star of the future(Though to criticize her boyfriend was my prime intention). Two days after the release of Harry Baweja sci-fi movie, I happened to encircle the Regent cinema hall. Tickets had been sold two hours before the movie, and it left me no choice other than paying the double price of the ticket. After purchasing a coloured ticket in black (God knows where the hell this word ‘black’ for ticket came into being), I entered the hall in great optimism. Films started in a regular fashion, with the hero doing heroic deeds on his Dad’s car, the cinematography trying to make the entry of hero as rocking as possible. First glimpse of junior Baweja made me think twice whether he is a lost brother of Hrithik Roshan, his striking resemblance with Hrithik was astonishing. His cute smile couldn’t stop girls adoring her (Nice choice Priyanka!). Then the story goes on a smooth track, with hero in the prime scene all the time: a general debutante centered movie. When Harman began to dance, people went crazy; the hall was clustered with whistles and claps. Superb break dance (inspired by Mai-ka-lal Jaikishan), newest of its kind in Bollywood made it clear that this guy is going to be a star. Several moonwalks and waves made the dance a ‘WOW’ material for the audiences. But, the entrance of Booman Irani as a crazy scientist brought a big jolt on all the viewers’ expectations. His appearance like Einstein and his behavior like Charlie Chaplin were in contrast with each other. The gravity of a scientist was sucked up in his character (Really gravity sucks!). He danced (neither like Archimedes nor like Harman) with “EUREKA EUREKA!!” after discovering the formula of the time machine. The dialogue writer tried to include some funny remarks but that could not bring more than a giggle to the viewers. Transporting ourselves to the future, 2050 had some nice technological marvels, nice animations I must say, with flying cars and whale-sized LCDs. Tata Indicom, Sun Microsystems and Ceat tyres were showed to be the best brands of the future (paise ke liye log kuch bhi advertise kar dete hain). The villain was more like the villain of Nagaraj Comics with a mask and superpowers. But our hero had the power of love, with which he easily defeated the villain. The fighting action could have been better. After the interval, the crowd really became desperate; several people left the cinema hall half an hour before the film ended, as the film became too slow. The film was inspired a bit by the blockbuster ‘Krish’ for the mad scientist destroyed the time machine before dying.

Anyways the film had a nice concept, the children would like it more. But its ironical, a love story for class-2 going children (lol!). As a love story, it was too boring and too slow. The film clearly showed what it was intended for: To give junior Baweja a bumper debut. And he might succeed in it. Though I went to criticize him, I couldn’t find too many faults in him and I became a fan of his break-dance. Still, his break dance could not compensate for the double price I had to pay for the ticket!


Debanjan said...

Maybe Harry Baweja wanted to do a KOI MIL GAYA here. Harman's acting skills measures nowhere near to that of Hrithik is my personal opinion.

Harsh said...

Yeah you are right, its only his dance and personality that will fetch him movies.