Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Origin

The very moment I decide to write something, the first question that bangs my head is what to write. The days here at home are uneventful; I get up late and stick to the computer. After waiting for an hour without any single scrap, I begin reading others’ blog and formatting my own blog to make it more lucrative to the visitors. The visitor counter of my blog contains 70% of my hits only. I read other peoples’ articles, some of them are really very touching and interesting. Then I come back and read my own articles(Not surprisingly, they too seem interesting to me). I begin thinking how can I write many more articles, for there are no happenings during these vacations, the days pass on quickly and boringly. Sometimes I write something that happened years ago, any emotion or a thought that occurred to my mind or just write my views on a particular area of interest. And if I never get a topic, I begin by criticising any actor, author or attitude.

But coming to the origin, I wonder what made me passionate about writing? I used to write diary but that too occasionally with no more than some weird happenings of the day. That was all. But this 'writing for others to read' was a hobby that was inspired by one of my closest friends.

This passion of writing started from writing a simple article on an ordeal that we undertook on the insti-top in my institute itself (The Ordeal). By chance, I made it a bit humorous and by another chance my room-mate Akshay happened to read it. For the first time he read such a long article completely without getting bored, otherwise most of the time he would get bored of and quit reading these kinds of long articles. Akshay is a big miser in appreciating anyone(yes that‘s true), and that time, for the first time he appreciated my writing. His appreciation was like a new hope for me. It gave me tremendous confidence to write.

Thanks a lot Akshay, if you happen to read this writing, I want to say you that your one word of encouragement inspired all my forth-coming writings. Thanks for being a true friend by not doing any insincere flattery. Your appreciation means a lot to me.

Orkut does not have so many demerits because for me it gave me my best friend.

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