Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weirdolosophy :

I love writing(No, its not the name of my girlfriend!). I love writing testimonials. WOW...But WHY? Why do I love that? Now, as I am going to give the answer to that question, I have got this great opportunity to proclaim myself as Mr.Altruist who loves praising people asking nothing in return. I can give a self-obsessive answer to this why...and make myself an 'Epitome of Generosity'. But unfortunately(for my ego), I am going to speak THE TRUTH and don't worry, I know how to speak it(after all my blogs are not that exaggerated!).

So the truth is that 'I am SELFISH'(Like you all..:P). I write testimonials with just a prime intention to get something in return. I am not so generous to bestow people with testimonials all in free. I want them back and wanna be praised for my qualities THROUGH TESTIMONIALS. After all, who does not want an incentive for using his right hemisphere of cerebrum.

By the way, writing testimonials is not a bad hobby at all, because in this world of trouble and sadness, we are giving somebody our precious time just to make them feel special(sorry, please omit that 'just' in the last line). A surprise testimonial gives immense joy to the person receiving it(and also makes him/her aware that he needs to give something in return) and strengthen the bond of friendship. Plus you also have an opportunity to make it as beautiful and starry as you can, with numerous smileys giving a shape of a constellation(I have often seen testimonials having more smileys than the total no. of words in it). Actually, there is a philosophy behind it too, smileys are the best fillers - they occupy four characters each, fill space and lower the writing work for the lazy bones who are writing the testimonial.

Lets come back to me, I am very bad(na, not that bad as much as you're hoping but still), whenever anybody bugs me to write him a testimonial, I copy paste it from somebody else's profile. And I edit it with so much perfection that he could never get to know(So its a sincere advice to you, give me some time to get impressed by you, and gift you an original testimonial). But its not only me who is bad, others too are bad. What's most displeasing is - to see somebody accepting a forwarded testimonial over those of originally crafted ones.

But consider the personal benefits, they are innumerable in number.
  • It makes your profile popular amongst the friends(especially girls!!!) of the person you gifted the testimonial, and as a result you get to be popular.
  • You have a fair chance of getting a testimonial back, unless your friend is too lethargic or too insensitive.
  • It makes that friend a closer friend to you(this does not mean ki kuch bhi bakwaas likh do!).
P.S. The article is highly disorganized just to give you a severe headache. Disprin waalo ne commission jo diya hai!!!
P.S. IIT wapas aakar arbit maarna shuru ho gya. This article is the most abstract of all I have written.

P.S. The moral of the story is : Those who got a testimonial from me, do get time to return me an original testimonial.
P.S. I love myself madly.
P.S. This is just a start in Delhi, I am gonna pour down strange and really original thoughts in my blog soon, just waiting for the right time.
P.S. I miss you Lulu, Mom, Dad, Ankit, Yash, Aman and my HCL desktop which burned my butt for the last two months.
P.S. The days here are interesting. Now, fachche call me SIR : heh. It feels big.


keshav said...

you got me into the testi groove too buddy..... but i'm not complaining[:D]

aman said...

truly said the most abstract one of all ur blogs but yet another nice work. don't worry i will soon write a testi for u but now i seriously think u don't need them

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