Monday, July 14, 2008

Can there really be a Two-Dimensional World?

People have been using two dimensional world for explaining different phenomenas of this world. Suppose this 2-D world really existed, then imagine how funny it would be. People of two dimensions will have two-dimensional scooters and bicycles, while there would be no taxi-drivers or rickshaw-walas as rickshaws and cars(being three dimensional) would not be possible. How would any couple marry because they could never take 'saat phere' around the fire. The life would be much like 2-D computer games like Mario and Dave(with guys eating 2-dimensional mushrooms to grow and jumping on owls and ducks to achieve their goals). So the question is, "Is this kind of world really possible?" The answer to many people will seem to be yes, but infact considering our biology this speculation is not possible. Here is the explanation.

In a two dimensional world, everything would be fine, only our digestive system will cause a problem, and that too a big problem. No, I am not talking about indigestion or loose motions, but a problem more serious than that. If we notice carefully, the digestive track will divide our whole body into two halves. The picture displayed below shows the two halves in two different colours to elucidate the point.

God really is very clever, he planned very carefully before putting down the recipes for this universe. Hats off to His Brain !

P.S. From now on I will be writing P.Ss(It stands for postscripts)
P.S. I got to know that Microsoft Paint is very difficult, it took me 15 minutes to get the above picture.
P.S. I am exceptionally talented in bad drawing.
P.S. I have decided to start a new blog on vignettes of physics and strange speculations of science.
P.S. I am exceptionally happy, wont tell you the reason though.
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Anonymous said...

wow!!! I am dumbstruck......

aman said...

ulti yaaar ,,,nice one to write on.
seems as if must have thought a while on this. Keep going ..

Aakanchha said...

IMAGINATION!!!...Mr. Philosopher!!!
Actally dats wat mattrs not a gr8 drawing.... ;)
Spec's off!

But on a serious note u certainly ""think""!!