Saturday, July 12, 2008

Criticism of Criticism

Criticism, we all never miss any opportunity to do that. Whether we know about the thing or not, when it comes to criticising, it becomes a bull’s eye case where we could never miss our target. The joy it brings in criticising anyone is so cosy. From politicians to the condition of the country, from western culture affecting the Indian culture to how Dhoni should have played the shot, passing opinions is the favorite pastime of the current world. Even I love this pastime. Without any second thought, sarcasm is my favourite genre in writing. Interesting thoughts start flowing in my writings when I am upto criticising somebody.

The real fun comes when this game of sarcasm, satire and criticism comes to our place and says, “Knock knock” at our door. Criticism can spoil the life of somebody with a mild heart or it can make a man with conviction to rise to stardom. It all depends on how we take the criticism. I, being too much self-obsessive, want to make all my critics shut their mouth. Whenever somebody says, “I don’t agree by what you said or what you wrote.” I reply, “Wow, its so nice that you didn’t agree. If you had agreed then how boring this world would be! I am glad to see that we are so different from each other.”

Taking the criticism constructively requires immense grit and will power. The outer world shoots at every opportunity it gets to start its regular job of leg-pulling with full dedication. One needs to be witty to make the critics shut up. There goes an incident : There was an organization against Einstein named “100 authors against Einstein”, one reporter once enquired Einstein, “What is your reaction on this organisation?” What Einstein replied was one of the wittiest lines that ever came out from the human tongue. He replied, “If I were wrong, only one author would have been enough.”

Critics are those people who know the cost of everything but the value of nothing. And I am also in that category. But I am a proud member of this society because knowing the cost in itself is an art, as there is no MRP on people and places!


keshav said...

I couldn't have agreed with u more.

aman said...

bang on target to core of human nature,,,control nhi hota jab criticism ho rahi hoti hai.
but ,taking it ones own way is the thing that matters.gr8