Friday, August 28, 2009

When Dreams Come True

The day dreams come true
It seems you’ve got a reason to live
The day dreams come true
It seems you've found a new reason to give

The day dreams come true
It seems that the Almighty is your best friend
The day dreams come true
It seems that the road to success is never going to end

Confidence climbs the charts
And self-belief smashes all the barriers
You tend to trust your heart
And lose all those intimidating fears

You have an option
To be humble or to be proud
But, your conscience tells you the secret diction
That – ‘Only humility can make you revered amidst the crowd’

The day dreams come true
You feel immense gratitude
The day dreams come true
You see a beautiful change in your attitude

The day dreams come true
You feel that you're going to prosper
The day dreams come true
You see many more dreams to conquer

Today, a dream has come true
Which happens to be mine.
That’s why I see in the mirror
Two eyes with a supernatural shine!

Oops! 'I' fell in love!

The book is out.
See it
Get it,
And read it too!
Let me know if you like it,
And let nobody know if you don't like it.
Keep it as a secret in your underwear pocket!

I'll be waiting to hear from you...
Anything you want to say...
Bouquets and brickbats accepted with 'almost' equal glee!

P.S. It's my birthday tomorrow! Yay! =))

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Simple Wish

I've a simple wish
To begin each of my morning
Seeing your smile

I've a simple wish
To breathe your fragrance
From thousand miles

I can see your eyes
With my eyes closed.
I can feel your breath
When the wind flows.

I can hear your voice
In my every dream.
I can see your face
Far but still full of gleam.

I've a simple wish
To make you my music
With every passing moment

I've a simple wish
To make you laugh a thousand times
For each of the tears that went

You're the reason
For me and for everything.
You're in all the seasons
Be it winter or spring.

You're the words
That come out of my mind.
You are that little bird
Who is one of a kind

I've a simple wish
To touch the sky and the moon
With you by my side.

I've a simple wish
To live that fulfilling life soon
Which only you could provide.

Just look at me once.
And feel my love for you.
For, I've just a simple wish -
To make you joyous - with me too!

P.S. I love you.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Human without an 'e'

I am a human.
Imperfect but not immortal.
I make mistakes.
And don't ever feel the guilt.

I am a human.
Mean but not bad.
I hurt her.
And didn't ever feel her pain.

I am a human.
A cruel murderer.
For I killed her faith.
And I don't even feel sad.

Why am I not sorry?
Is it because I don't love her
Or is it because - I am a human.

She is also a human.
Why is she so perfect?
Is it because she loves me more than
Anything else - that makes her so humane?

I always told her,
"You're gifted in love."
And continued, "While I am quite ordinary
- being just a human."

I am still not feeling the guilt
Though, I desperately want to feel it
But I am unable to.
After all, I am just a human.

Human - an excuse to make mistakes.
Human - an excuse to hurt your emotions.
Human - an excuse to play with your heart.
Human - an excuse for all my faults.

Forgive me, though still
I am not feeling sorry.
But someday, I'm sure that I will -
Since I am just a human.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I am in love.
In love with all His creations.
From birds to animals,
From language to music,
From dust to the rain-drops,
From your eyes to my smile,
Everything is just so perfect.
As if we all are a part of -
The Master's masterpiece.

Since I am in love
I want to make you feel the same
I want to ask you something -
Something very subtle.
Just close your eyes
And thank God
For each of these beautiful things.
Feel the gratitude,
And feel the bliss.

Don't stare.
Just do it.
Thank HIM.
And then I'll disclose a secret to you.

Did you realize that -
You've just thanked yourself?

P.S. God is in all the beautiful things. One of the most beautiful things of this world are your eyes - which channel your soul towards all the beautiful things in this universe and make their beauty realized. Thank yourself because you've that eye where God resides and helps you to appreciate his creations.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My first honest post

I have always been vocal in speaking about my country - calling it 'mine' in some way or another every now and then. But, I came to know yesterday that I'm also a hypocrite. I don't really care about it.

Yesterday, I saw a crumpled Indian tricolor lying down on the footpath of IIT with the stains of foot-steps on it, and I sat down to take its photograph. I got the photograph I desired and I was happy that I could send it to some newspaper. I came back to my hostel with the speed of a tortoise-on-Concorde and I published that photo on Orkut, facebook and eyefetch(photography website). I sent that photo to the Hindustan Times to which there has been no reply till now.

Upon seeing the photo, many of my friends commented about we being momentary Indians - but just one friend - Ankit - wrote to me that 'I hope that you picked it up. I mean you must have.'

I was astonished to realize that I didn't. I completely forgot to pick it up, being lost in the ecstasy of snapping a journalistic photograph. As I feel now, I am really ashamed of myself and I don't deserve to call myself a patriot.

P.S. This is the first time that the story-teller inside me(the exaggeration expert) is having a deep slumber and my conscience is speaking up. I am sorry to all of you, even to me.

Friday, August 7, 2009

An Introduction

Hi. I've taken this course in creative writing and what I'm assigned right now is to write something about me. I didn't know that it was such a difficult task. But, difficulty sparks creativity. So, here is my try...

An Introduction

Two shiny little eyes stared at me out of the darkness -
Piercing my vision with its effortless force. The force,
Which was mighty enough to read my trapped emotions,
Break the shackles of pain and unravel its hidden source.

Those eyes had a tongue, which spoke directly to my heart. And for the first time,
Did I listen not with my head but just with my heart. The heart,
Which channelled its response through my eyes, amidst
The darkness that could not keep that shine apart.

Innocently, I asked those shiny little eyes -
"What is it that keeps your shine alive? Alive -
Despite the pain on the Earth and the turmoil in the dark skies.
And why - towards supreme joy, does it seem to strive?"

The eyes kept staring at me for a minute or two
Whilst, I thought that it had no answer to give
Suddenly, the ears in my heart heard, "I am the fire within you.
I am that shine which enables you to live."

"Only in this stark darkness, will you be able to see.
But don't just see rather value, for very few
Know the secret that, 'I am alive within those who value me.’
You just need to respect me and I promise that everything will be anew."

The words echoed in my heart over a thousand times and
The subtle promise instilled my self-belief.
Soon, the darkness faded and I noticed a familiar face
Gazing at me from the mirror, making me surprised in disbelief.

I could see the eyes shining more than ever before
I inwardly thanked the darkness for letting me see that shimmer
Which made me realize that I am neither a person nor a sophomore.
Rather, I am just the fire within - which will always glimmer.