Monday, June 15, 2009

The Father and The Son

There was a father
Who used to boast with glee -
"As soon as my son turns 18,
I'll set him free."

"I taught him all the things
That should have been taught
And there is absolutely nothing left
That I forgot."

What a father
He would have been?
No words did he use to teach, rather
He taught through his actions which the son had seen

His son very faintly remembers
A 'heartless drunkard' beating a woman late at night
Amidst groans and tears, all that 3-years old could hear
Was - "Son, please stop your father!", a lady screaming in fright.

Time passed, wife passed and soon
The son turned seven
With nothing special but gloom
As his birthday present

Since he found accidentally
That his father smuggles goods,
Embezzles large sums of money,
And takes drugs with all the dirty foods

The shock was absorbed
In almost no time
And this remained their way of life,
Until the son's eyes went blind to crime

The years went by
And the son was 14 in a blink
The father was full of joy
To find his son's interest in his business - quite keen

The small-child that used to live
Died within the son soon
Drugs, money and lust started catching his eyes,
Instead of the stars and the moon!

The young lad
Was now the partner of his father
His right hand - he often called
And the one who'd take his business farther

Time flew and the cub turned 18
The proud father set him 'free'
But, the young man couldn't find the freedom
No matter how far did he see

He could devise no way out
To kill the throbbing boredom
There was no path throughout
Which could let him feel that exhilarating freedom

He's 19 now and imprisoned for life
For he killed his father - who could never be
The teacher who taught things that should have been taught
Instead, just set him 'free'!

He will never be able to witness that freedom
Nor does he want to see
Since, he saw that exhilarating moment once
- When he set his father 'free'!

(Wrote on paper, on train, from Mallaig to Glasgow, 16th June)

P.S. The actions of the father here led to his own death by his own son, who when set free realized that freedom doesn't mean to be free from guardianship rather to be free from evil. And ironically, he chose the path of evil to get rid of it.
P.S. Parents forget that it's not their talks but their actions which has a never-ending effect on their child. If they speak good language, they are honest and caring; their children will definitely be like them. Cheers to my parents!


aman said...

a really provoking poem, very vividly described what you wanted to convey...
and the PS showed the immense love, respect and sense of gratitude you have for your parents who in a way or infact in every possible way are responsible for your 'present'!!!
that sense of empathy is really a BIG thing, very essence of one's attitude

Ashish said...

very nice poem :) though children may not always turn out like parents you know, they may be influenced from outside factors as well. and sometimes, the parents may influence them in a negative way, maybe if they are really bad to him, he'll be extra nice and good to people outside and get the same in return as he can't at home.

yanka said...

Sorry . Dint like it .
The theme itself is very bollywood .
A suppressed individual like this guy who was bored with monotony of his life , is more likely to kill hemself than hurt other .

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