Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Living God - 2

God asked me, 'Ask anything that you want to get in your next life?'
I replied, 'I want you to be with me.'
God replied, 'Your wish is granted.'
I came to Earth and searched for God all-around.
Here and there, in all the faces I saw, but I couldn't find him.
Just then, someone picked me up in her caressing arms,
And in a moment, I fell asleep.
God came in my dreams.
I asked, 'Where have you been? You didn't grant my wish!'
He said, 'I am there with you. Just open your eyes.'
I opened my eyes, looked at those two most reassuring eyes
And said my first word - 'Ma!'


keshav said...

Brilliant touching piece... can expect this only from you!!

aman said...

it was nice yaar,
right from heart for a mother...
thats true, god resides in parents, thats y they are our strength and our support whenever in life we need them most!!!
loved reading it :)

Goddy_Blogs said...
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Goddy_Blogs said...

predictable yet very touching.... nice 1..u made even god feel heightened by residing as nd being called ..."MA" !!!!