Monday, June 8, 2009

What is love?

If you begin to see more and more qualities
Rather than flaws in a person as time passes,
Then I'll say that
You are in love with that person.

P.S. This is how I define love. I can explain this concept too. The human ego, to keep itself satisfied, searches for flaws in any person, the flaws you see increase as time passes. But being in love is nothing but the suppression of this ego.
P.S. Your interpretations of this difficult word called 'LOVE' are cordially invited in the comment box.
P.S. This definition holds not for just your soul-mate, rather for every person you love - be it friend, relatives, COUNTRY or your beloved.


Sunny said...

LOVE....hmmmmm......difficult to describe...when do u actually know that u r in love?..may be dis can tell u....

wen she laughs u feel tht u ve conquered d whole world 4 her

when u hug her, u feel as if u ve got the world at ur chest

and u feel jealous for all those who ve hugged her
bcoz 4 a moment dey held ur world

ur senses go on a high wen u touch her

when u feel dat u can do anything for her, anything means ANYTHING

wen she is sad, U pray 2 god plz give her all the happiness tht she wants 4m all d noble works dat i ve done in ma lyf

wen sum1 makes fun of her u feel as if u cud kill dat person nd bring him on her feet

widout whose mischiefs u cant njoy ur lyf

wen in a crowd u see only nd only her

wen u miss her every fraction of a second,

my buddy, be sure dat you are in LOVE........the most pleasing and satisfying feeling dat u can experience in ur whole lyf.....

thodi badi defn ho gayi bt i suppose it serves the purpose :)

Sunny said...

i wud sum up all dis in yet another line:
when the feeling of her being with you forever is all enuf for ur happiness, dat feeling is called LOVE...

Buzz said...

After reading through your interpretation of love, I want to delete my post.

You expressed it million times more beautifully than me. I will steal your one line, for it is the essence of love - u feel jealous for all those who ve hugged her
bcoz 4 a moment dey held ur world.

Blessed is the girl who you love.

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