Tuesday, June 9, 2009

To Angel from Demon

I met a guy
Who was a bit shy
He had a scintillating charm
And a dream to touch the sky

I could see in his eyes
A determination to reach those
Who needed someone to love them
And to settle their woes

He was so different
From each one of us
Compassionate, diligent and patient
Were just a few facets of the character, did he possess

I so wanted to become his friend
Not only to deduce his thinking
But to know him better
And to make the distance between us start shrinking

And soon I became his friend
Days passed like moments and our friendship bloomed
From summer to winter, January to December
The heart-to-heart bond between us exquisitely groomed

I got impressed by his thinking
With every passing day.
He had a dream to catch
In his own unique way.

Now, when I see him
I feel immensely proud
Because he is chasing his dreams
Without ever being loud

Often I see back
And I cherish those moments
Which gave me not just a friend
But a brother, a guide as well as a 'present'

This is a small present from my side to you, oh brother
You don't know that you are special to me - like no other

Being so far away from you,
I had nothing else to give
All I can say is cheers to our friendship
And the beautiful days of school that I want to relive

They say a friend in need
is a friend indeed
I say, a friend whose friendship is without any greed
Is a friend indeed

Happy Birthday to you AMAN!
From all the angels as well as 'one Demon'!

P.S. This is for my brother-like friend Aman. There are very few people in my life who are as special to me as my school-friend Aman. I miss you buddy.


Dhanya said...

Birthday greetings Aman!

Raviteja said...

One of the best gifts I had ever seen.
Cheers to your friendship!
Plz do pass my greetings to your friend. . .

aman said...

its indeed the best gift i could have got from any of my friends, thanks a lot for having thought so much for me. Actually the things go both ways, i'm blessed to have a friend like you.
And as far as dreams are concerned, they are extremely important to get fulfilled...i just hope i do that soon
thanks Dhanya, Raviteja :)