Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Quotes - II

To impress people on facebook, my egoistic writer mind has started writing some really profound quotes. I present them here in another set called 'My Quotes - II' :
  • The real joy in writing comes when you read something really beautiful and you're amazed to realize that it is actually you who wrote it.
  • Everyone can write, but not everyone can sit to write.
  • A real photographer is the one who instead of looking through the camera makes the camera look through his eyes.
  • I am shocked to realize how joyful this life can be if there are no checkpoints(read 'exams').
  • Happiness is costly, but I am rich and extravagant!
  • Theoretical physics is like photography ... you've to keep your eyes open to get that perfect 'click'.
  • As days are passing out here, the more I am getting closer to myself. And the more I am getting closer to myself, the more I am falling in love with me.
P.S. It is quite difficult to manufacture yet another quote as a PS for a post titled 'My Quotes - II'.

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Dhanya said...

Loved the last one :)