Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Story

Hey readers, it has been a long time since I wrote something. I was busy with the publishing work of my novel - 'Oops!'. I am happy to announce that everything right from proof-reading, cover-design, typesetting has been done and the novel has gone for publishing. The release date of the novel has not yet been finalized, I plan to release it on 29th Aug, i.e. my birthday, but my Dad wishes to release it before my birthday - in a way making him proud that I published my novel when I was still 19 years old.

Now, I am quite free and I am longing to be more regular on Graffiti - the story-teller within me is dying to write yet another story. My travelogue too will be updated soon, since I have some awesome experiences of Scotland to share with you all.

So here I am. All free - with excitement, vigour and 'time' for my blog.

P.S. I found that I was gifted at exaggeration, so I became a story-teller.


Dhanya said...

welcome back :)

And all the best with your book!

Buzz said...

Thanks a lot! :)