Friday, August 7, 2009

An Introduction

Hi. I've taken this course in creative writing and what I'm assigned right now is to write something about me. I didn't know that it was such a difficult task. But, difficulty sparks creativity. So, here is my try...

An Introduction

Two shiny little eyes stared at me out of the darkness -
Piercing my vision with its effortless force. The force,
Which was mighty enough to read my trapped emotions,
Break the shackles of pain and unravel its hidden source.

Those eyes had a tongue, which spoke directly to my heart. And for the first time,
Did I listen not with my head but just with my heart. The heart,
Which channelled its response through my eyes, amidst
The darkness that could not keep that shine apart.

Innocently, I asked those shiny little eyes -
"What is it that keeps your shine alive? Alive -
Despite the pain on the Earth and the turmoil in the dark skies.
And why - towards supreme joy, does it seem to strive?"

The eyes kept staring at me for a minute or two
Whilst, I thought that it had no answer to give
Suddenly, the ears in my heart heard, "I am the fire within you.
I am that shine which enables you to live."

"Only in this stark darkness, will you be able to see.
But don't just see rather value, for very few
Know the secret that, 'I am alive within those who value me.’
You just need to respect me and I promise that everything will be anew."

The words echoed in my heart over a thousand times and
The subtle promise instilled my self-belief.
Soon, the darkness faded and I noticed a familiar face
Gazing at me from the mirror, making me surprised in disbelief.

I could see the eyes shining more than ever before
I inwardly thanked the darkness for letting me see that shimmer
Which made me realize that I am neither a person nor a sophomore.
Rather, I am just the fire within - which will always glimmer.


Sudhanshu said...

speechless as always I had been after reading your article,poetry,story etc. I wish the spark in your eyes and the fire within you may remain there always to express the real self within you.God bless you.

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