Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Dream Girl

When it comes to me imagining what my dream girl should be like, there always comes an image of a girl who's passionate, caring and independent. These three adjectives are all that I want in my dream girl. I've not mentioned that she should be beautiful. Do you know why? Because those three qualities would make her the most beautiful woman in my life.

Now, coming to the explanation part.

Why passionate?
-> Because only then will she understand me and I'll understand her.
-> Because she'll have something else, other than me, in her life to make her life worth living.

Why caring?
-> What's love, without fun and care. What's life, with nobody to share.
-> Care is not about preventing me from falling down, but it's about standing by my side and encouraging me to stand up.

Why independent? Not only financially, but mentally as well.
-> Because I'm a lazy dog and I hate responsibility. Okay, on a serious note, because I'm a mortal.
-> Because I want to respect her for what she is, not what she gives. I want to respect her self-respect.
-> Because I want her to learn life the hard way, along with me, so that we can understand each other better and live life fully.

Now, why all the three?
Because, that's what my mother is like.
Because, that's what she is like.
Because, that's what I admire.

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Vibhuti Saxena said...

i must ur dream girl is very lucky...