Tuesday, August 2, 2011


My next 10 years, prospective book titles:
  1. Oops trilogy - Light fiction
  2. Graffiti - short-story collection
  3. 365 Days - Fiction, book of tweets, more like a play
  4. The Book - A love story
  5. As I'll Die in Sometime - Thriller, Dark
  6. Abdul - Fiction
  7. Tale of a plot - Novella
  8. Mother - Fiction, Dark
  9. The Last Book - Fiction
  10. Coma, Comma - Novella
  11. The Muddleheaded Prime Minister - Satire
  12. Coffee? - A romantic play


Anonymous said...

What inspired you to start writing? and how do you go about writing..i mean do you have a method or you put your idea on a paper and then elaborate it part wise?
also, do you have the ending planned or do you plan the end while you are writing?

Buzz said...

Even if I answer, I doubt you will see. Since anonymity won't give you any notifications. Do mail me at harshsnehanshu@gmail.com for more info.