Friday, June 3, 2011

365 Days


In 2008, when a 21 year old Indian girl, born and brought up in Delhi, suddenly finds herself away from her country in a completely foreign land, she gets completely terrified. She has not been an outgoing person in her previous avatar and the very thought of adapting in her new city, Glasgow, makes her feet run cold. Upon recommendation from an acquaintance, she joins twitter, in hope to find something new, something worthwhile to spend her lonely time with. But stark loneliness finds her. At first, she's haunted. But she starts liking it.

Twitter becomes her diary as her life unfolds and she comes across people, who make her journey worthy. She finds friends. She finds fiends. She finds love. She finds betrayal. She finds solitude. She finds loneliness. She finds addiction. She finds boredom.
She finds what she wanted to discover when she discovers what you want her to discover.
And thus, she finds herself.

And there's more, that she awaits, in her next '365 Days'.

I'd been restless. Restless to write something outstanding. That's how I met Ziyana.

It had been days since I experimented with writing. I wanted to experiment, explore new plots and new ways of story-telling. Thankfully today, I've got an idea. I'd this plan of writing a book about 365 days of a girl's life in a completely new city. Today, I got a fresh way to put forward her story. Through twitter.

I'll be penning down her story, which I don't know how it will unfold since I don't have a clear end in my mind, but I've kept it open for people like you, to influence her life. I've created a new twitter account with her name and I've started penning down her story. We(She and I) are waiting for something interesting to come up and give her a direction to move forward on that solitary road. She doesn't want too much attention, so I've not made her id public but with time, as her guardian, I would allow people who show interest get in touch with her, to know more about her and if they're impactful, they could influence her life's trajectory. The book will just be a book full of tweets, closely interlinked with each other to make a compelling story.

Being hooked to the social media, I expect to complete the book in less than a month's time since it requires more or less around 100 tweets a day, which is around one hour job. Let's hope it turns out to be as exciting as I'm hoping it to be.

P.S. Tweet to me @harshsnehanshu, to know about Ziyana's whereabouts!


Giribala said...

All the best! Looking forward to an interesting story :-)

Buzz said...

Thank you. I echo your statement. :)

Megzone said...

wow.. sounds like an interesting plot for a story indeed... looking forward to another good book :D

Omi said...

Nice plot :-)

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