Friday, April 25, 2008

I found the Key :

Enough of chill maarna. Now it has been realized that there is no substitute to hard-work. Opportunities come to only those who are prepared. I avoided studies in the name of extra-curriculars though I was neither par excellence in any of those. The height of me avoiding studies was when everyday I started picking up new hobbies from origami, ambigrams, sketching to even arbitrary blogging. The more I ran away from studies, the more the pressure it mounted on my mind. Now when I came face to face with it, I realize it was never difficult for me. The words of Swami Vivekanand strike my mind which says, "What you need is more important than what you want." The best way to fight fear is to come face to face with it and when one comes face to face with it, a funny situation arises; the fear seems trifle...and in the case of looks surprisingly easy....YES you heard it right..."EASY". My life has got a it is waiting for me to run on it at my full pace...

Hardwork is the key...even luck favours the prepared one...the reason for any failure 99% of times is "Lack of Hard-work". Sharpness and talents don't matter much(they only make ur understanding faster) is ultimately practice that makes one perfect...the more one practices the more skilled one becomes. Everything in this life is straight-forward and that's why Life is complex.

One of the greatest geniuses of all times, Michelangelo said, "It would not be so astonishing if you knew how hard I worked to gain my mastery."

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