Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Panorama :

Among all the passions that I have, I place Photography at the top. Photography is such a hobby that continuously strives to make us aware of the present moment. I realize the difference that Photography made in my life. I have started observing everything that goes around me, it has enriched my travelling experiences, it has allowed me to live in the present moment, to see the incomparable beauty of Nature. I have become attached to all the creatures on earth and now I can feel the connectedness between them and me.

I am surprised by myself that everyday I wake up surprisingly early just to capture sunrise from my hostel's balcony. Thanks to this hobby, I have developed enormous love for our Motherland. My love for India has increased thousand-folds. India offers so much diversity in people and traditions that it stands out of the rest of the world in cultural heritage. I consider myself fortunate for being born in a country like this.

Nowadays, in weekends I consciously visit pilgrimages and natural sites for photography and am continuously being touched by people and nature's picturesque scenes.

Just take out time, just 10 minutes, from your daily routine and spend time with nature and see how refreshing it is.

Just wonder, if our world is so beautiful,
then how beautiful be the place where God resides...

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