Monday, January 7, 2008

I picked up

This winter vacation I picked up some new activities.
1) Photography : Thanks to my Nokia 6300, with a decent 2 mp camera, I have got some really wonderful snaps. The beauty of a photograph lies in its timing and light and shade. A colourful country like India offers wide range for photography. And Delhi, a conglomeration of different cultures offers a much richer diversity to capture. From Chandni Chowk to the Railway Station to High-tech malls to beggars in front of Akshardham, its a great place from the point of photographer. Thats not all, I thank my luck for having my hostel room's directly facing the sunrise offering beauty in bulk.
2) Travelling : Being a travel bug, having travelled almost whole of India, I am never ever satiated with travelling. This time on my trip to Ajanta and Ellora, I learnt a great thing from my Dad i.e. before going to a particular place : Be aware about its history, read magazines, articles and books about that place. This awareness enriches our travelling experience into a broader perspective. Instead of glancing or looking at things we tend to observe and relate to what we have read and this process leaves an imprint, about that place, forever in our mind.
3) Writing : Writing one's own view or experience about any particular thing makes oneself observant and self-satisfied. It allows us look into deeper vistas of our life and sometimes we also get to be awestruck to look at the hidden creativity within us.


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