Friday, November 21, 2008

It starts with me and ends with me...

Wait has been over, majors came with a bang. Today was my humanities paper. The enormous hate that I had mounted in my mind against my humanities teacher was washed away in no time. The overview of the whole course tells me that it was a worthy course, though the professor tried to impart all the soft skills in a single semester with cumbersome readings, term papers and presentations, he had been successful to some extent - especially giving us a brief insight that what part of our personality are important in our careers.

I am feeling extremely positive and my attitude is perfect for the examinations ahead. I had a good start with today's paper going great. Tomorrow is my favorite subject - Optics - and I am gonna rock it. I am feeling very blessed to finally encounter 'The Real Me' after such a long time. This Me is positive, optimistic and enthusiastic and it has been awaken on its own without any of outer influences or inner contemplation. I had the same attitude before my JEE and I hope to carry this attitude for long.

I have my entire holiday plans chalked out : This time I am going to make use of my time efficiently. My holidays are going to include :
  • Daily jamming sessions with my instrumentalist friends, preparing a dozen songs -Indian classical as well as Floyd and Metallica's - perfectly.
  • Complete my novel- Oops and sit on editing session with my Dad and Sister.
  • I got an idea for a new novel. I will start it at home. It's titled - 'Those 14 days'.
  • Translation of my Dad's short stories in English and publish them in a blog.
  • Mastering Brett Manning singing sensation - voice exercises to improve range and texture.
  • Sending 50 applications for internship daily - though I have got some positive replies - financial issues need to be resolved.
  • Read about holography in detail from internet and other sources.
  • Photographing portraits of slum-dwellers - depicting the hidden side of India.
  • And of course, synergy will keep you updated with my doings and misdoings.
  • Read about four book in the season. One on India, other on management, Gandiji's autobiography - My Experiments with truth and fourth one, a novel - Of course I love you by Durjoy Dutta.
I want to write about me. I am just loving my state now : supremely happy.
So here it goes :
  • My favorite singer : You all know, it's KK and Jagjit Singh
  • My favorite pastime : You all know, it's orkuting.
  • I am most passionate about : Writing(presently)
  • The gadget I wanna acquire the most : Any 10+ mp digicam.
  • My favorite outfit : A loose white T-shirt and deep blue jeans(DO you recall anything?).
  • My favorite font : Trebuchet
  • One thing I am strictly against : Being Idle (read vella!)
  • My best friend : Ravi and Sunny
  • The person who I remember most : My Sister
P.S. My typing speed has increased to 62 wpm. Bravo!

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supriya said...

edit "it has been awaken" and plans are not choked out they chalked out